What I Offer…
We may be a new company but we are not new to delivering success and results. With a combined experiences of over 60 years in Advertising Print and Design out lead consultants have worked with and in a cross sections of industries and bring together wealth of knowledge and experiences to deliver results.
Our Approach
•Marketing is about delivering results – to do this we need to gain an understanding of our clients aims and ambitions and then we develop plans and strategies that will deliver them.
•It is about our relationships with our clients that allows us to  develop relationships with your existing and potential customers.
•We know and use the power of traditional marketing techniques that have been tried and tested and proven tailored to our clients specific needs to deliver success – But we know its not just about what has worked, we are actively aware of the needs to incorporate social media – not just facebook and twitter but blogs and the next generation of apps that our clients customers may be using.
Why I’m good at what I do…

Rather than wirte about myslef I though I would let a client speak for me..

Need an idea? Doug'll have one, two or maybe ten. Need an opportunity? Doug'll spot several that everyone else has missed. Need some energy and creativity to shake a project up? Doug's a power station, guaranteed to create some sparks. Need the determination to see something through to a successful conclusion? Doug will be there, start to finish, overcoming whatever obstacles appear. Generous with both his time and enthusiasm, get him involved in your project. Then just try and keep up.

from linkedin August 7, 2014, Richard was with another company when working with Douglas at DAL Media ltd

What I do

  • Full service Marketing
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Local Magazines

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