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Primarily I'm now retired but I do not rule doing some part time work.  

As to 4Networking, I joined in November 2009 and have remained a member ever since, doing 4Sights on Road Traffic Accident related matters throughout Kent and into Essex, East Sussex, Surrey and London.  I was Group Leader at 4N Kings Hill near Maidstone from its launch in May 2012 to January 2013 then from April 2013 to October 2013,  I was Group Leader at 4N Tunbridge Wells, following which when I became Area Leader for 4N at Crawley-Gatwick , Uckfield Lunch and Haywards Heath.

In June 2014, I became a Regional Leader for the South East Central area covering numerous groups in Sussex and West Kent until my retirement in February 2018




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  • I met Chris about 4 years ago but haven't seen him since. When I called him with a problem, I didn't expect him to even remember me but he did, and he was extremely helpful, giving me some useful pointers. A testament to both Chris as a professional and 4N too. Thanks Chris - I owe you one!
  • So there I was minding my own business when it happened! The RTA that you cannot plan for or mitigate the effects of. Collecting myself afterwards 1 person came to mind: Chris Lodge. Don't underestimate the power of 4Sighting because I last heard Chris talk about RTAs 4 years ago! Highly recommended
  • Just a quick thank you to Chris Lodge for welcoming me onboard as a member to 4N, the whole ethos works very well, and as a company we're proud to be associated with such a good brand and national networking club.
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  • Basically retired

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Last online 16th Oct 2018
Member since 4th Oct 2009
Number of testimonials 9
Meetings attended 681

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