What I Offer…

I help people think clearly, confidently and creatively to unlock their potential, both personally and in business. I work with adults to help them change their thinking and, in so doing, change their lives, whether business or personal. I use a number of approaches, including mind mapping and vision boards to help people learn creatively. All my training is dyslexia-friendly.

I also specialise in helping children, adults and students, who struggle with dyslexia, to achieve their potential and cope with words in today's fast-paced world. I do this in a number of ways:

  • dyslexia support and advice
  • dyslexia awareness seminars in the workplace
  • assessments
  • advice on work practices
  • study skills support for students and employees working to a qualification
  • 1-2-1 tuition, using specialist software to help with reading and spelling

I also offer 1-2-1 and small group training consultancy in:

  • MS Office 2003/2007/2010
  • Google Business Apps
  • Mobile devices
  • Mind mapping
  • English for Business

For more information on the training I offer visit www.dancingkites.co.uk

In April 2010 I self-published the first of a range of inspiring and engaging interactive books developed specially for children struggling with reading and spelling because of dyslexia. I have many more titles written and waiting to be published, along with other exciting products! Find out more at www.dancingkites.co.uk

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have always been interested in helping people become who they really are and to work and live better through a creative and holistic approach.The different aspects of my work reflects that and is encapsulated by the Dancing Kites Creative Learning System, which I have developed from my work woth a wide range of adults, children and students.

My background is in training, for many years teaching adults IT skills in the workplace and at home. Then I retrained to teach literacy in the workplace and through my studies, came across the problem and potential of dyslexia and how it affects individuals of all ages. I offer dyslexia awareness seminars, dyslexia assessments and ongoing training and support for dyslexics of all ages and backgrounds.

Out of my work with dyslexic children I developed a brand of exciting and engaging books for such children. I launched the brand Dancing Kites on 30th April 2010 and have published my first three books, My Dog Nick, Will the Wizard and Through the Magic Window available through my webshop and also on Amazon and at all good bookshops. I have many more titles written and planned. I have recently entered the world of ebooks and more titles will be available in the future.

I have used mindmapping to great effect with business people to help them think clearly, confidently and creatively in their business and personal lives. I offer long and short term coaching programmes, which include mindmapping, vision boards and other creative learning techniques in, what I believe is, a unique approach to unlock your potential.

For more details on the training and support I offer, visit my website:


Member Testimonials

  • I have worked with Corinna for over a year now and know her well. She is an extremely creative person and able to see opportunities where others see problems. If you have lost direction and want to achieve more I highly recommend using Corinna in your personal and business life. Baz Mienie
  • Corinna really knows her stuff. Her 4N Ascot presentation on dyslexia in the workplace was a wake-up call for just about everyone, in particular those who come under the auspices of the Equality Act because they employ others. Recommended for her empathic, intelligent training and support.
  • I have known Corinna through her role as a group leader for 4Networking. Corinna used her creativity to great effect, making her group one of the most enjoyable to attend in the network. Corinna would continually look for ways to add extra interest and value to the meeting format. Through her energy and enthusiasm she ensured that the meetings were vibrant, welcoming and above all successful. I would thoroughly recommend Corinna as a business partner.
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What I do

  • Learning styles dyslexia support & advice
  • Mind Mapping Consultant/Coach
  • IT Training Consultant
  • Presenter & Public Speaker
  • Author of children's books

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