What I Offer…

Maslins is a firm of FreeAgent friendly contractor/freelancer specialist accountants.

MVL Online helps shareholders of redundant Ltd Cos with cash in the bank get that cash out tax efficiently.

Why I’m good at what I do…

After graduating in Economics, I decided I could no longer fight the urge to follow in my mother's footsteps, and become an accountant.

I found myself a spot on the graduate trainee scheme of Tenon, a modern top ten firm of accountants. Like most rookies, I was flung into audit, and spent my time checking other people's adding up and photocopying invoices...so the work wasn't fun, but I was enjoying my studies, passing my exams, and rapidly progressing within the firm.

Over my 3 years with the firm I managed to kick up enough of a fuss that I got to see most departments, how they were run, the kind of work they did, and the client's perception of said work. It was fairly apparent that most clients couldn't give two hoots about whether their accounts disclosures are correct, all they're really concerned about was their tax bills, and specifically, how they could be reduced.

With that insight, I decided specialising in tax was the way forward for me. I was lured by the flashing lights and big salaries of the City, and got a job in corporate tax for Baker Tilly. The lifestyle wasn't quite as glamorous as I imagined, so at the end of 2008 I quit and set out on my own.

Over my time in accountancy I have obtained not only the Chartered Accountancy qualification, but have also become a Chartered Tax Adviser.

Now working with a small but growing team in Tunbridge Wells to help provide modern accounting/finance solutions to freelancers and contractors using FreeAgent (Maslins).

More recently set up a sideline business to help shareholders of redundant cash rich companies to get their cash out tax efficiently (MVL Online).

Member Testimonials

  • Over the past 9 months or so Chris has been a real gent and given me loads of advice on all the geeky stuff that is accountancy. This has not only helped me, but also other family members to get a grip of this side of the business. Top bloke
  • Who says accounts can't work together? Following a conversation with a potential client, Chris identified that they may be more suited to a different accounting package that I use. He therefore passed teh referral to me. A great bloke and I will be happy to return the favour soon.
  • Great guy to work with, very fast at communicating and also sponsored generously to my Manchester to Blackpool bike ride! Thanks Chris!
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