What I Offer…

The Utility Warehouse doesn't spend money on advertising, sponsorships or switching website commissions - so we can save the typical home over £800 per year on their utilities, telephone and broadband bills, and businesses too.

And if you like the idea of showing people how they can save money, you can make money in the process! This is a "bolt-on" business that anybody can use to create an extra stream of income without affecting their day job.

A couple of my happy customers....

“I met David through 4Networking in Knutsford and I soon realised he could save me some money (so he quickly became my new best friend). David visited me at home to explain the benefits and savings I could make using the Utility Warehouse. David left all the information with me to consider my options which give me time to speak to my current providers. I had a couple of questions that I needed answering and David was, as ever, very efficient and more than happy to help, I quickly realised it made sense to sign up and have been a happy customer ever since.” March 17, 2010

“David mentioned Utility Warehouse and how there was the possibility to reduce the cost of my Gas and Electricity. At first I wasn't entirely convinced until we did a calculation based upon my existing bills and I could see for myself the extent of the saving. I haven't looked back since and I urge anyone to "do the maths".” March 22, 2010

“David visited me at home in the evening and explained how the Utility Warehouse could save me about £400pa on my energy bills. He also told me about the pre-paid debit card scheme which saves 5% on petrol fuel costs and shopping at Sainsburys. I signed up there and then, it's a "no brainer" David is very friendly and professional and I highly recommend him if you want to reduce your costs.” February 17, 2010

"David is one of those rare individuals who goes way beyond simply selling his services by being a genuinely pro-active advisor. Helping his customers to find the best combination of service and value, he really does help people to save money. If like me you never paid sufficient attention to considering your energy and communications supplier, you'll find David can save you money. In fact he has helped me to save hundreds of pounds just in the first year.” September 16, 2010

Why I’m good at what I do…

I live in Chester, and have two daughters who have now flown the roost. I first got involved in UW after an IFA told me that at age 45 I'd need to start putting away at least £500 per month if I wanted any kind of pension. I saw this and thought "I'll give it a go and see where it leads...."

I love Terry Cooper's philosophy - as he stated in a recent 4Sight, at the launch of the new Knutsford group - "...if you see an opportunity, just go for it. You can always decide later whether or not it's worth following".

What I found out, is that the Utility Warehouse starts paying a "pension" from the day you start working for it. Moreover, the payout from it increases month on month, and that it doesn't stop - even when you die. It is a willable asset. So when I die, my girls will continue to benefit from the monthly residual income it pays.

That for me is very powerful, and very comforting. I know of no other pension plan, or business that can offer my family that kind of security!

Incidentally I am 9 years away from the usual (currently anyway) pension age, and I earn more from UW now than the pension it was originally designed to create.

And, it really does increase every month.


Member Testimonials

  • David signed me up for Gas, Electric, Home Phone and Broadband. He also signed me up to a rewards scheme that will work out financial great for me. He was clear when explaining all features of UU, and very professional. At no point did I feel pressured to switch either. Thank you for saving me money
  • You never know when is when in 4N, so when for me was when I moved house, David was the obvious choice because I've known him for a few years. I already knew he'd do and excellent job, and he did! That's the power of like, know, trust. Thanks David, Highly recommended!
  • David has a great enthusiasm for and belief in what he does, and he passes that on with assurance and ease. He doesn't pressurise, he communicates clearly and simply; you can put your trust and confidence in him.

What I do

  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadband providers
  • Business opportunity
  • Money saving

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