What I Offer…

Gamelan at Work offers a unique way of approaching team-working that is based on cooperation, unity, respect and fun. It is a multi-sensory, experiential activity.

Visually the Gamelan instruments are stunning – imagine gleaming, solid bronze gongs hanging from a green, solid teak frame with a carved dragon painted in gold lounging along the top…The sound of the gongs producing a resonance that vibrates through your entire body giving an amazing sense of wellbeing and calm.

Getting the participants playing the Gamelan is coupled with techniques such as Javanese shadow puppetry and other gentle drama facilitation to produce an experience that will cover ground your team never dreamt of achieving and will reveal within them hidden gems of creativity.

We also offer Tai Chi and Gamelan workshops to support wellbeing in the workplace

How is this used?

  • Team building
  • Communications training
  • Management training
  • Stress management workshops
  • Break-out sessions for conferences
  • Corporate activity days
  • Family fun days
Why I’m good at what I do…

I'm passionate about creating unity through bringing people together in a spirit of cooperation and fun so 4N's ethos works for me.

I achieve it through inviting people to play in my Gamelan orchestra which comes from the Indonesian island of Java. Working in a team can be like playing in an orchestra - imagine what it would be like in your organisation if everyone knew their part, listened to each other, came in on time, took rests at the right moment and never hit a bum note! No disharmony and everyone working together to create something beautiful.

Playing in a western orchestra can take years of practice and skill but all I need is half a day of your team's time to have you making beautiful music together! You need no previous musical knowledge or experience to play in a Gamelan orchestra - you just need to pick up a beater and hit some gongs.

It's fun, it's easy and it will teach you some serious things about working in teams.

I've been a musician all my life, a teacher, a complementary therapist, I ran an export company selling my own natural headlice remedy to countries like Iceland & New Zealand, set up a school visits programme at the most visible music venue on Tyneside (The Sage Gateshead) and now I train people like you to hit gongs with wooden mallets!

Member Testimonials

  • Sue has fantastically donated time and effort to the 'cash for pash' fund and it was great to see how her business works. Always approachable and willing to share an idea it is great to see Sue at the 4N meetings.
  • I've seen Sue in action a couple of times. I took my family including my parents to a workshop. Everyone from my cynical 74 year old father to my youngest daughter & all shades in between loved it. It really does breakdown barriers and unite people in a very interesting way.
  • 5 mums and 7 children had an amazing time today, Sue managed to truely tailor the workshop to suit everyone, no easy tasks and we all got a huge amount from it. Thank you

What I do

  • Training and development

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