What I Offer…

Video is essential for any business - but live filming isn't always essential.

Value Added Video is all about affordable, effective videos that get your business noticed, without the stress or expense of filming.

Ask about my bespoke doodle animations, using the power of emotion to tell your business story in a way that engages and attracts potential clients. Or image-based videos that showcase your products and services.
Facts Tell – Stories Sell…

Struggling with Facebook Ads? Tried them without success or totally confused? I can help with training (via Zoom or in person if you're local), ad account audits or campaign setup and management.

Give me a call, email or connect with me via the social networks to find out how I can make a difference to your business.


Why I’m good at what I do…

Value Added Video is a multi-award-winning business.

I know how you feel about live filming. I don’t like being on camera myself (yes I’ve done it and I fully appreciate how important it is, but I never feel totally comfortable).

My “thing” is creating attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping videos that DON’T involve cameras, filming, or you feeling stressed. I love creating these. I’ve been doing it for myself and over 150 clients for more than 3 years.

If you prefer to create your own videos, grab my DIY Video Template pack of 16 easy-to-customise powerpoint templates, for less than the cost of a single video.

Did I mention I've helped many business owners get to grips with Facebook Ads, too?

Things I like…

Cats (I'm a cat show judge)

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What I do

  • Video Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Online Marketing
  • Visual Content Creation

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