What I Offer…

Award winning Virtual P.As that will answer your phone for you in your name, book your appointments for you in your system and make sure that you are never missing any business, or even worse, losing it to your competitors.

Since 2011, we have taken over 500,000 calls and made over 250,000 appointments. 

In one month, we could show you how much easier your life could be. Allow you to take back those busy evenings slaving away, maybe take that long weekend break with the kids or even open a bottle of wine and just enjoy the silence. All the while knowing your business is in safe hands.

Our pricing is straightforward – no unexpected surprises! We will always carefully evaluate your situation and will provide you with an exact price before working with you.

To regain your sanity, call us on 01603 513111 and make your clients love you, even when you're not there.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've had a busy life, lived in lots of different places and I'm still a bit of a butterfly.

I have been a hotel manager, an NHS manager, a holiday rep in Crete.  I've been in the Royal Navy and many moons ago, I was nanny to the Queens Guard Commander (Gordon Highlanders), at Balmoral Castle.  You can call me Ma'am - haha.

Running a business is still like a roller-coaster and I love it.  I fell out of it for about 18 months, but I've recently fallen back in love with it after making some major changes.

My plans are to sell in about 3 years and live partly in the UK and partly in either the Algarve or in Calpe in Spain - anywhere the sun shines.  I have no family, so I am free to do what I please.  My friends are my family and I hope they will all come and visit me a lot.

Member Testimonials

  • When I realised that my business phone was not getting answered I turned Wendy, who guided me through the processes and patiently expedited - our calls are now being professionally answered and our marketing effort not wasted. Test it out at Human Capital Department 01553 609968 [Outsourced HR].
  • Livelink has been like a breathe of fresh air. I was getting frustrated by our previous telephone answering service as I was not getting any messages. Since meeting Wendy at a 4N Meeting, Livelink took over and now I do not need to worry about missed calls any more. I certainly recommend Livelink.
  • I met Wendy years ago at 4N & when I had no one to answer my calls at short notice, I contacted her on a Sunday evening, to my relief she had a line ready to answer my phone for Monday morning. It was a huge relief to have the service just in case that all important call came through. Thanks
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What I do

  • Telephone Answering and Virtual Office Services
  • Virtual PA
  • Hotel Booking Agency Hotel Marketing

My Stats

Last online 29th Oct 2019
Member since 25th Nov 2009
Number of testimonials 10
Meetings attended 116
4N ranking 4588 in the UK

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