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Pretty simple really, we treat all types of flooring, ceramic, porcelain marble, concrete, we even treat the bathubs and bath room floors in hotels, swimming pool areas, changing rooms, well anywhere really where you walk and could possibly slip.

We also carry out testing on floors and paving and also act as expert witness in litigation cases.

So in essence we try to reduce the risk of slips trips and falls.


We believe customer service is not a department, it is an attitude. Consequently, an unprecedented amount of attention and resources are given to ‘getting it right’ and taking ownership. The easier it is for you, the customer, to deal with us, the easier and more enjoyable it is for us to fulfil your requirements. In other words ‘The route of least resistance’.
The personal touch and good old-fashioned service seems to be giving way to indifference and anonymity. People almost seem to be losing the soft skills of customer care and personal interaction as more and more business and communication is done via computers.
We live in an age of voice mails, lengthy ‘menu’ choices and recorded responses.This can be extremely frustrating and delay whatever we are trying to achieve. You rarely make contact with the same person twice. This will never happen at FrictionTech. Having said this, we do believe technology has its place and running an expanding and dynamic company like FrictionTech without technology and computerisation would be virtually impossible.

We  pride ourselves on the quality of our services and the integrity of our commitment. A promise means nothing until it is fulfilled. Consequently, we do not make promises until we know we can deliver. We genuinely care about making it happen.
There is no secret to this approach. It is simply having an honest and positive attitude towards our remit and our customers.

For us to evolve and develop the most valuable opinions are those of our customers. People have a habit of rarely telling you how happy or unhappy they are with your products or service. They are more comfortable discussing it with somebody else. We want to know.

Acclaim is very satisfying but it is the challenge of improving and perfecting our company that makes us tick, we will never lose sight of what we are being paid for.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Why I’m good at what I do…

Tooooo much information to disclose on public forums, always a no no as far as I'm concerned, If you find it neccesary to know my DOB, inside leg measurment, PIN Code or even how many A levels I didn't get, then ask me personally.

What I can reveal however, is apart from Frictiontech, I am also a Director of a Facility Maintenance Company which carries out All Trade Maintenance to the Commercial, Leisure and Hospitality sectors.

I also have a silent interest in an Accredited ADR business

I actively support the work of organisations that  I am ore than happy to help thNacro reduces crime by changing lives. We work with disadvantaged people, offenders and those at risk of offending, to help them find positive alternatwork with disadvantaged people, offenders and those at risk of offending, to aid them to find positive alternatives .

I employ 2 ex offenders and I'm always willing to help those that are committed to change



( certainly not a Do Gooder).



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