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Synergy Worldwide  - Health and Wellness

My personal mission in life is to help others! People are my passion, and my motivation is fired up by my desire to give others the ability to achieve financial freedom.

I am a kind, generous and considerate person who simply wants to share the Network Marketing message with people and fundamentally show people how this business model can transform their lives.

The most important thing to me is that any business I work in and promote, embraces my core values of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Synergy Worldwide I am proud to say does all of that and more, with profound products that are changing peoples lives and with one of the best compensation plans and support mechanisms available.

Synergy Worldwide is a part-time business opportunity in the wellness industry and offers the highest quality, scientifically proven natural products and at the same time providing you with financial freedom over time.

Synergy’s flagship product ProArgi-9 Plus is based on Nobel Prize winning science and has been shown to help reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease and other circulatory disorders by improving blood flow and bringing down your blood pressure.

I have worked in the profession for ten years and the experience and knowledge that I have gained whilst building my Network Marketing businesses is invaluable, and sharing this with you will ensure your success.




Why I’m good at what I do…

I am passionate about health and wellness and love helping people to Get Healthy–Stay Healthy. Six years ago I had life changing health problems and almost died. I lived under the false premise that I was fit and I was shocked to discover this was not the case. I made the decision in my hospital bed that for the rest of my life I would become a wellness advocate.

Living in the 21st Century its not unreasonable to believe that with the latest science and medical care out there, our general state of health and well-being should be the best its ever been. In fact, we are sicker than we have ever been. 

Cardio vascular disease, obesity, diabetes, dementia, cancer, mental health are all massively on the increase, for example there are over 3 million people in the UK diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is now classified as a non-infectious epidemic!

My mantra is now 'Wellness is a lifestyle' and I am passionate about spreading the word so others can Get Healthy and Stay Healthy by sharing key aspects of general health and wellness showing people how they can make simple changes to their lives to achieve better health outcomes for themselves and their families.

I have created a Get Healthy-Stay Healthy community of like-minded people who care for their health and wellness. We are taking the Get Healthy–Stay Healthy message across the country, I invite you to get involved. 

My hobbies include, running, walking, Classic Car restoration, Real Ale, Southwold, France.


Member Testimonials

  • Peter tested my health today and the results were really pleasing. He dealt with me like a true professional which inspires confidence in his methods, tools and products. Highly recommended.
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  • Peter introduced me to Pro-Argi9 for which I have to say thanks - it amazed me and my doctor BP down from 175/120 to 128/85 in a month - Peter you could be a life saver.
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  • MLM/Network marketing Team Building

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