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Studio Maximus is a design and branding agency committed to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners get clarity about branding themselves.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Hello, allow myself to introduce....myself.

Once upon a time I was a salesman, then I was an account manager and than I gave it all up and went back to school, art school to be precise. I knew that I wasn't cut out for this selling malarkey and that my calling lay down an all together more creative path.

Ten years on and I am spreading the word of the brand. You are never to small to develop your brand promise and design is fundamental to the communication of that promise.

By trade I am a graphic designer but I have built on my marketing background to temper my designs with a bit of old fashioned common sense.

You don't NEED design in your daily business but if you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace then it is design aware companies that prevail.

I speak designer, I speak printer and I speak business - just what you need from some one who will help you make a big name for your small company.

Member Testimonials

  • I haven't yet had an opportunity to work with Neil, but I had the chance to see him 4Sight today, and he was fantastic. Engaging, Inspiring and was able to hold the attention of the room. He clearly knows exactly what he is talking about, and hope to one day work with him.
  • I've not yet formally worked with Neil but wanted to say what a stand up guy he is! Our two most recent meetings (one I was v. late to) showed some really positive qualities especially his genuine desire to help other businesses! Neil, you rock! Definitely be using your services v. soon!
  • I am very lucky to be able to work with Neil, because he totally gets what I am trying to achieve even when I can't articulate it properly. If you need clarity around your branding and what you're about, speak to Neil. He'll sort it out for you.
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What I do

  • Business services
  • Advertising Marketing & Graphic Design

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Last online 24th Oct 2015
Member since 7th Jan 2010
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