What I Offer…

Dark Red supplies IT Support and Consultancy services to small businesses. Monitoring and using remote access tools to support the business needs. Business continuity, sometimes wrongly called disaster recovery, mobile integration, cloud whatever, internet stuff, email etc. We do believe in using normal everyday language where possible.

A business needs to be able to do what it does best without having to take on the mountain of IT jargon, techniques, know how etc which is where Dark Red fits in the grand scheme of things. Whether your business has expertise and just needs a wee hand or needs the whole headache taken away, Dark Red will produce an inexpensive package to do just that. Our typical client will have a monthly plan, paying a monthly fee to take care of the "normal" tasks with a seperate charge for any larger projects that happen along.


Why I’m good at what I do…

I have been in computing for real since 1978 and if the truth be known since I was at school before that, so no guesses for thinking I might be a more mature member. I have worked in corporate land, both manufacturing and service until I started my own company and never looked back.

My current company Caiystane IT Services Ltd (which is a mouthfull) trades under the name of Dark Red where I think we have a good reputation. During the mess of 2008/9 Dark Red changed significantly to address smaller businesses. The idea being that small businesses have the same issues as large businesses (sometimes more so) but do not have access to the expertise, experience and resources. Dark Red provides these services in an inexpensive package. Dark Red becomes just another member of staff albeit usually not even based in the office.

For myself I am in the process of introducing fly fishing to all my clients on the understanding that they might be interested to take up the sport or to just highlight the work-life balance they may be trying to adjust (good word that). I find that I cannot go fishing if I think that one of my clients is in trouble. So if I want to fly fish then my clients must be up to speed (oops there goes my work-life balance).

Things I like…

To me the things I like have the personal touch whether that is with a client; knowing their business their people and their challenges; or just out "having a beer", talking about how we see the world.
I also like fly fishing and will introduce anyone who would like to try this out, because we know that a bad days fishing is better than a good day in the office. Did I mention fly fishing above as well?
Helping people and reminding them that I am not clairvoyant and that the phone does work.

What I do

  • IT consulting
  • SME Business Continuity & Resilience
  • IT Support and Services
  • Business & IT Consultancy
  • IT Support Services

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