What I Offer…

Hi there, and welcome to Orcare. We build websites that work hard to improve your profile and help you to sell more.

Now we know there a more people doing what we do than you could shake a stick at, but we do like to think we're a bit different and maybe even a little bit special.

Of course you could talk to your nephew Johnny who's currently doing his GCSE's and built a website for his coursework. You could pay Vladimir the Hacker Extraordinare, who you found on the internet. While we might be a bit more expensive than Johnny and Vlad, when you join us you get access to some very nice people, who know a lot about the web and can talk to you about your business needs when your business is open for business, not after school or out of your timezone.

You might also have the money to talk to some of those great people at a NMA 100 digital agency. But we hope we can provide you with a more tailored, personal and local service than those guys.

All in all we like to think of ourselves as knowledgable, reliable and friendly guys and girls that can help you build your business by increasing your profile and helping you to sell more.

We love working with businesses and charities in the UK. The boss is also a aeroplane geek so we do work with quite a few transport organisations. We're based in Basepoint in Camberley and work with many customers in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I'm a Web Development specialist. I've helped big companies design and build new technology projects. Now I help charities and small companies to use IT to increase their profile, sell more and work more effectively. I specialise in website design and development, I'm an Certified Level 1 Umbraco Developer, and a partner in Getting British Business Online.

I'm also really interested in Corporate Responsibility and how small companies can make a fundamental difference in their community.  Orcare invests in the Community Matters Partnership to enable us to deliver a collaborative Corporate Responsibility programme across Rushmoor.  I'm a Non-Executive Director of Community Matters Parnership CIC - the social enterprise that operates CMP, and I'm also Chair of the Rushmoor CMP Strategy Board.

In my spare time I love geeking around with technology, and I'm also a lapsed student private pilot.

Member Testimonials

  • Paul is a joy to work with. He is unusual in that he is far more commercially aware than most techies and far less precious, open to suggestions and other ways of doing things (techies suffer from the not invented here syndrome). A genuine added value service from company that cares.
  • Paul gave a great training in making the most of the 4N website and I found it really helpful.There is so much on the website I hadn't discovered and now I feel confident to use it much more and promote my business as well as helping others promote theirs. Thank you Paul.
  • Paul expertly leads the 4N Farnborough Group. He also is an expert at all things IT and website - which for a Luddite like me is invaluable! He explains things in a way that even I can understand. Highly recommended.
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What I do

  • Web Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Branding & logo design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce

My Stats

Last online 11th Jul 2013
Member since 8th Mar 2010
Number of testimonials 13
Meetings attended 130
4N ranking 77009 in the UK

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