Why I’m good at what I do…

Paul Elliott is an entrepreneur and coach with an education in psychology and strategic planning. He has a proven track record of coaching success and sales and marketing excellence.

His initial success came from building a Neuro-linguistic Programming Business where he quickly became one of the most talked about instructors in the field.

Clients and delegates came from all over the world and it wasn’t long before the large corporations started enquiring how he could help them improve their sales efforts.

Although successful, this wasn’t where Paul saw his long term future and it was shortly after when Paul made a fatal error in his business judgement.

An error that saw him lose everything and with the birth of his daughter forced him to reflect hard on the gaps in his knowledge, his thinking and the direction he needed to take to secure his familys financial security

…with hindsight it turned out to be the greatest turning point in his career…

He began tearing apart the pieces that had made him so widely talked about. He delved deeper into researching the “why” behind what makes a business or an individual successful and profitable today.

He took his understanding to other businesses, putting himself in the front line to prove his wisdom and rapidly going from zero to over 1 million pounds in sales in his first year. An extraordinary achievement and a powerful demonstration of his ideas and strategies.

He’s now back with a new mission to assist individuals, coaches and internet entrepreneurs. To teach them how they take their desire to make a difference and turn it into a highly profitable and enjoyable business.

Member Testimonials

  • I have met Paul a number of times and always learn something new. He knows his stuff. I bought his book and after 30 minutes of reading I had new ideas for my website and how to become the Maven. I will attend one of his training days in the near future. He is a top guy who is not really scary.

What I do

  • Business Development and Strategy Implementation

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