What I Offer…

This is my personal philosophy for my company, 'By Appointment' Aesthetic Medicine:

I totally understand that your biggest fear about having aesthetic treatment is that you might come out looking weird, or odd, or peculiar, or just ‘not yourself’. You don't really want your friends or family to notice that you have had anything done at all in fact.

You may have seen strangers or friends who look ‘not themselves’ after having treatment. They may have expressionless faces, or look oddly ‘puffy’, or their lips may be ridiculously large. Even at professional aesthetic conferences I have seen nurses who have overdone things, there’s always at least one…

I understand that you just don’t want to look like that!

I also understand that you would like to look fresher, with fewer wrinkles. I understand that you would perhaps like to look less saggy in the jawline area. Perhaps you would like your skin to look more luminescent, with fewer dull, dry or mottled areas.

My personal feeling is that anyone who looks ‘odd’ has not had the very best care, advice or treatment. The best treatments look at the requirements for the skin & the entire face & neck, especially in those of us who are definitely ‘ageing’.

It is possible, treatment by treatment, to rejuvenate the whole face & neck area in a subtle, step by step way. You will look better and healthier, your friends will comment on how well you look, and you will have an increased confidence in yourself.

The first step is just a (free) consultation away – come and see me and let’s talk about you, your hopes, expectations and fears.

I look forward to meeting you….


Why I’m good at what I do…

Registered Nurse, Nurse Independent Prescriber, owner of By Appointment Aesthetic Medicine, professional Network Marketer.

Loves: Yorkshire countryside; ageing beautifully; relaxed and glowing skin; being curious about the world; learning how other cultures live; helping others feel better about themselves; promoting good health (at every age); my family & dogs; gardens and gardening; old pubs; woodburning stoves; the sight & smell of bluebells; roast dinners; meeting new people; good friends; eating out; cooking; comfy sofas; the south of France; frosty sunny days; spices; happy chickens;

Hates: cloudy days; crowded shops; processed food; traffic jams; people who don't pick up their dog's poo; the cheap clothing industry; coriander & rocket leaves;

And here's the boring bit!:

Atlas Cosmetic Medicine was founded in 2008 by Sarah Buckley, who has (say it quickly), over 40 years of experience of nursing.

Since successfully completing her nursing training at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, Sarah has been a Flight Officer in the Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service, transporting wounded and sick members of the forces, a hospital nurse in theatres and anaesthetics, a practice nurse in a busy rural GP surgery, and a response nurse for the ambulance service.

It was during her time at the surgery that Sarah developed an interest in travel medicine and in 2007,when the right premises came onto the market, Sarah leapt at the chance to open Globe Travel Health Centre, a specialist provider of travel vaccinations. This award-winning clinic became a resource for Norwich & much of Norfolk. During this time, Sarah undertook the demanding prescribing course at de Montfort University, and is now a Nurse Independent Prescriber.

However, Sarah has always had a special interest in practical skills, so when she saw an advert for a training day on Botox and dermal fillers, she went along to see whether this was something she could develop, and sure enough, it captured her imagination.

Since then, over the last 9 years Sarah has attended numerous training courses with the UK leaders in this field, including the renowned Dr Bob Khanna. She continues to develop her expertise in botox-type injections, advanced dermal fillers, collagen boosting treatments for improving skin, and ThermaVein treatments for facial veins and rosacea.

Sarah sold her award winning travel clinic in 2014, order to focus solely on aesthetic medicine.

In late 2016 Sarah moved from Norwich to South Yorkshire, to be nearer her daughter - and to experience a new and stunning area in which to live! She now has a clinic room in her home, and is also available to visit clients in their homes. Norwich clients are not left out, Sarah travels to Norwich for a few days each month to see her clients there.

Sarah has now changed the name of her clinic to 'By Appointment' - Aesthetic Medicine

Sarah is also a member of the network marketing profession, working with the renowned US company Synergy.

Synergy produce unique, scientifically researched dietary supplements that enhance health and wellness. Of particular interest are supplements that can boost cardiovascular health and immunity.

Member Testimonials

  • Sarah is a great person to have a 121 with, extremely knowledgeable and experienced! She has looked after myself ensuring I look my best and stay healthy! Thank you Sarah! Keep up the great work!
  • It is a pleasure working with Sarah and her fantastic business. Her premises are a joy to work in and she knows exactly what she wants to achieve with her CRM. All client engagements should be like this.
  • We went to see Sarah (the needle queen) before a trip to India for some travel advice and were thoroughly impressed with the service we received. We can recommend Sarah to everybody. Thank you.

What I do

  • Healthcare
  • Aesthetic Facial Treatments
  • Proven dietary supplements

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