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Paul Berry Photography: Commercial Photography

I offer a professional and personal commercial service to businesses and charities across the UK in all aspects of advertising, promotional or legal photography including business portraiture, events coverage and product images for brochures and websites. I have completely portable studio equipment which means you can have studio quality photography on site almost anywhere.

As a business, communicating what you do or what you sell in an effective way is paramount. Bringing a professional photographer in not only assures good photography, but also brings fresh eyes and a creative mind to your imagery, bringing creativity to the following:

Corporate Photographer in Co. Durham
Good clear images of products for catalogues and web sites is essential.
• Good quality PR photography of your services and personal can speak volumes about what you do.
• Documentary images of manufacturing processes or service timelines for annual reports.
• Formal business portraits of executives, management and staff.
• Informal portraits of your staff at work can tell the story of your business in a way words can't.

As a photographer and a communicator I'd like to help you communicate visually what your business is and what it does. If your business is important, so should be your images. Give me a ring and let's talk.

My method is to work with you, not for you. I will work with your PR team to think of a good all round photographic strategy, discussing how your images will be used, how and where they will be taken, the impact a well chosen location can have and more. Your image is important!

As a small business enterprise myself, I get a real kick out of helping others like me solve their photographic and visual communications problems, real quality photography is an expensive business when done right, but I'm all about collaberation and support. I'm all about fair pricing, so if you're a small business and you need good quality, realistically priced photography RING NOW!

Paul Berry Photography: Wedding Photography 

The wedding side of my business is called Wedding Photographers Teesside, our belief is that great wedding photography comes from a clear understanding of what is required by both parties, brought about by good communication. I believe in personal service and individual attention. Wedding Photographer in Peterlee, Wedding Photographer in Co. Durham

At Wedding Photographers Teesside I prefer the personal, natural, informal approach of reportage wedding photography, which allows for a spontaneity and essential honesty of observation, I am highly adept at seamlessly integrating into a day's events as they unfold, unobtrusively capturing the spirit of your wedding.Wedding Photographer in Teesside

I also cover other celebration, anniversaries, parties, special events in the same contemporary documentary style.






Paul Berry: Portrait Photography

Portraiture is not simply about capturing snapshots, even good ones, good portraiture is about capturing character and telling stories. Quality photography includes spending time together, getting to know each other, every shot involves a little creation from me and you to produce an experience. I much prefer informal, natural portraiture that tells a story about you, gives the viewer a little insight into who you are.

Once we have completed your portrait session we can then explore the many different ways to present and display your photographs to their best. Portrait Photographer in Peterlee, Portrait Photographer in

You're special, a portrait should be special too, not hurried but considered.

Paul Berry Photography: Fine Art Prints  

One of my personal passions as a photographe

r is to be out and about across the North East's beautiful countryside, down on the beaches, in amongst the wildernesses that we so often neglect to be a part of. I love to spend time thinking of creating photographs which capture this splendour but not just always in the good summer weather, sometimes also in the brooding, dark, overcast times too. Fine Art Photographic prints in North East

What better way to plan an office makeover than to have quaility photographic artwork by a local professional photographer on your walls. Ditch the Ikea mass market prints and buy linited edition piece of art.

I sell my Fine Art Photographic Prints through Red Bubble, prints are available in many formats and sizes including Greetings Cards.

See Paul Berry on Red Bubble


Paul Berry: Photography Training and Workshops

Apart from loving photography, I also love to teach and I will design and run bespoke workshops for anyone who has a desire to learn. Whether you're an individual with a passion for photography, a community group, a business looking to learn new skills or for team building activities. The core philosophy I teach is not about gadgetry, its about seeing, visualising, imagining and creating. A camera is just a tool, the real work is done in your head!

As a passionate photographer I get a real buzz out of being a part of people learning something new and exploring their creativity.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am a North East Photographer working from Peterlee, Co. Durham. I've been pointing cameras at things now for some 20 years, my first serious work was done whilst serving in the Armed Forces in the 80's. Since then I've developed my skill and fed my passion for photography constantly originally working with film, which I still love very much and do so at every opportunity and also working in digital as the industry has turned that way. 


I have lived and worked in the North East all of my life apart from a brief spell running around with guns in fields and forests whilst in the Royal Engine

ers. After leaving the Army I worked training young people until in 1990 I went back into education myself, college then University and came out with a BA Hon.


Throughout I have always nurtured my passion for the craft of photography and in 2006 made the break into self employment....since then I've not looked back, my camera goes almost everywhere I go.

  • Paul Berry is a professional in the true word, I asked him to update my profile picture on 4N. He responded and said he would meet me at the next meeting, he set up his studio and snapped away. I have also enlisted Pauls help in the planning of my wedding. Well Done Paul, first class effort
  • This is not about Pauls photography skills but the man himself, very generous, helped me out in a big way. Top Man.
  • Paul has done an outstanding job with our publicity shots, taking the time to ascertain exactly what was needed and then offering helpful suggestions to ensure the session was a success. The end result was impressive. Well worth it!
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  • What I do

    • Powerful Visual Photographic Marketing Solutions
    • Family Portraiture
    • Capturing the Emotive Value of Business
    • Informal Wedding Capture
    • Commercial & Business Portraiture

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