What I Offer…

inspire2aspire helps entrepreneurs focus on the action that they need to take to make their businesses more successful. You can find out more at our website.

We offer fresh ideas for growing businesses

We have a special offer for 4n members of a  half day business ‘focus on action’ session in our offices in South Yorkshire which would include an overview review of your business and then focus on key areas of concern e.g marketing or specifics such as social media strategy and would then allow you to access all the tools identified as necessary and provide an action plan at the end plus a month’s on-going support by email or phone. The charge is just £300 + VAT. 

As an individual I am passionate about my garden, my dolls houses, travel and reading.  

Why I’m good at what I do…

My background is far from glamorous from laundries to feminine hygiene to drains I have marketed most things and love coming up with ideas for people

Member Testimonials

  • Every time I speak to Sarah, she focuses on an idea that will help my business. So switched on after listening to your 1 to 1, Sarah is never short of real, achievable ideas. Speak to Sarah, to give extra content to your business ideas, Sarah certainly does Inspire.
  • I've been working with Sarah and Bob for a few months now- they have been of great support, have helped me focus my business plan and develop greatly as a new business at a time that I need it most by giving me ideas, develop strategies and skills. Thank you both very much!
  • Sarah really does inspire you. She has countless ideas from a very impressive background and CV.
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What I do

  • Business development and coaching
  • Charities Fundraisers & 3rd Sector Organisations
  • Social Enterprise
  • Marketing
  • Help businesses with innovation

My Stats

Last online 3rd Jun 2019
Member since 2nd Jul 2010
Number of testimonials 8
Meetings attended 503
4N ranking 3240 in the UK

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