What I Offer…

Wellbeing Retreats offering Lifestyle advise, the retreats are based on Yoga and clean eating - great nutrition being foundational to good health. They are fun as well as full of information and transformational tips for Mind, Body and Spirit. Also an Advanced EFT practioner.

 Juice Plus+ is a wholefood supplement of 30 fruit, vegetables and berries. It is a daily addition to normal eating that is completely natural, safe, convienient effective and affordable. It has more independent scientific research behind it than any other wholefood supplement on the market, and is used and recommended by thousands of heathcare professionals around the world.

Studies show that Juice Plus+;

  • Delivers key nutrients that are absorbed by the body.
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress (so helps prevent degenerative disease)
  • Helps support a healthy immune system and DNA integrity
  • Positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness
  • Reduces systemic inflammation through the whole body

It is very different to a vitamin or mineral supplement, where certain vitamins and/or minerals have been isolated . Juice Plus+ works because of the principle that nature knows best and that our bodies were designed to recognise, absorb and use nutrition which is in the perfect balanced state and combination that we find in 'real' food. The nutritious dence fruit, vegetables and berries used in Juice Plus+ contain a wide range of available vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, that can effectively allow the body to perform at it's optimum.

Also used by many Sports Professionals and endorsed by the German, Austrian and Swiss Olympic Committee's.

Why I’m good at what I do…

For most of my adult life I have been a Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Yoga is so much more than trying to achieve curious postions physically - it is about lifestyle and healthy choises for the body, mind and spirit.

As a therapist, yoga taecher and owner of my JuicePlus+ business, it has been wonderful to be able to work that around family life, now my children have left home I have taken my experience over the years into Wellbeing Retreat's, as it is the perfect enviroment to learn and take on positive lifestyle habits that have a massive impact on our lives....and that's what I love doing...making a difference!

Nutrition is such an important choice and one I believe is key to our vitality and our whole wellbeing, you can not effect the physical (with different foods, medications etc.) without it having an effect on the way you think, feel and so then behave. I like to think of food as 'information'. Some food is devoid of nutrition and is toxic and 'bad information' - it's hard work to digest and can cause a lot of stress to the body and so deplete your energy and leave you tired and vunerable to disease . Other food's are nutritious, light and 'good information' - they protect and give vitality to the body and so, more energy is available to enjoy all aspects of life. The old expression 'You are what you Eat' is TRUE!! Working as a therapist over the years has been hugely rewarding but now I am passionate about getting the information out there that we can make a difference to our health on a daily basis, helping individuals take responsibility for their own health - what we eat is one area of our lives that we can have control over, we may not choose to but at least that choice is our's to make. I think many people think eating a healthy diet is hard work and they will need to make major changes to achieve that but it is not difficult, there are a few basic principles to follow, nothing scary and the benifits are immeasurable.

I have two gorgeous daughter's and being responsible for creating and 'growing' their bodies made me even more aware of how important the information I was/am encouraging them to injest is. They have both embraced the importance of nutrition for themselves now and are not as boring as I am about it but are showing signs they will be!

My kids have always teased me that my answer and advise to all problems in life was 'don't worry, have a banana' - they said it they would put it in my epitaph - now with Juice Plus+ I've added another 30 different fruit, veg and berries to the solution!!


Member Testimonials

  • If you care about your health and your wealth you won't find someone more helpful than Suzy. If you aren't using Juice Plus you are really missing out on something so simple yet effective. Just have a 2 minute conversation with Suzy it will change your life.
  • I have known Suzy for over 10 years and she is definately someone who walks her talk! Suzy is a perfect example of someone who has set out to achieve a life which includes boundless energy and optimal health and fitness.
  • It goes without saying Suzy knows her stuff about well being and therefore being a well person can be assisted by her product Juice Plus. Why? Well the results I have gained from just over 6 months into my course speak volumes! Need to know more than ask the lady herself - simples!
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