What I Offer…

Less Stress - Greater Calm - More Time

My clients grow their self belief, their understanding of what they are aiming for and the concept of how their personal and business goals fit together. This is along with how this fits into their current business model, thus gaining greater clarity and certainty about the direction they and their businesses should be traveling.

The end results area less stressed business life, owners and managers are happier and nicer people to live and work with who have more time to do the things outside of the business.

No magic fairy dust, no 'one size fits all' processes simply experience based confidential conversations and outcome delivering workshops that get the participants thinking and leaving at the end with a list of actions to take.

Growth I've delivered and trauma I have lived through all help me to help others.

All backed up by a multi-point guarantee that places which means all the financial risk is on me - full details on this can be found on the company website.

Why I’m good at what I do…

A lifetime in and around businesses.

Literally I have had a life time in and around the world of business. I was born into a family that created and operated at least 5 and I have created, or co-created, 4 myself plus a number of networking type organizations.

My clients come back for more, but I guarantee that they never do so beyond the point of where I think I can no longer add value. We will then work together to find the right person(s) to take them further forward.

Clients have gone on to achieve their goals, ambitions and to become award winning businesses with high level clients.

I have a multi-point money back guarantee which is fully detailed on my company website - the risk is mine rather than the clients.

I am an oddity in that I love public speaking and 4Sighting is great fun for me. I have delivered over 2,000 presentations and regularly present to degree and masters students at the University of Buckingham on business matters. If I am ever 4Sighting at a meeting you are attending then let's have a one-to-one.

Things I like…

Lectern Tart, Networking Whore and More!

Public Speaking - Love standing up and talking to a room full of people - self confessed lectern tart and networking whore of forty or so years experience helping others connect and work together!

Helping others - If a 4Sight, a one-to-one, or a simple chat has helped a fellow human being I am over the moon.

Heritage - I am the volunteer Chairman of the Quainton Railway Society Ltd, and often to be found as the 'Stationmaster' on open days at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. I also have an interest in old buildings and planes as well - cars not so much!

Outdoors - Best exercise and relaxation for me are gardening and walking.

I am also an unashamed big fan of the works of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson having grown up with Fireball, Stingray, Thunderbirds and UFO etc.

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What I do

  • Business support
  • Presentation & Public speaking skills
  • Business Growth & Trauma Specialists
  • Business networking explained.
  • Media Marketing & Communication

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Last online 17th Jun 2020
Member since 11th Aug 2010
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4N ranking 25 in the UK

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