What I Offer…

Bringing clarity and certainty that allows business owners to understand their vealues, purpose and direction along with the confidence to take the actions needed to achiev thier goals.

The result being that they have less worrysome businesses that are more profitable and this allows them to have more time and money for the things they enjoy, making them happier and easier to live and/or work with.

Having grown up with parents who created and ran their own businessess I have had a life time of exposure to the business world.  

You can now benefit from this knowledge and experience as I give back as a mentor/coach, approved and certified by the governemnt Get Mentoring scheme.

You can work with me as someone who is;

  • a customer service award winner,
  • experienced in business turn around,
  • hands on and experienced, having had 40+ years owning and running businesses from start up to 100+ teams and £2.5 million modern day turn over equivilent
  • a creator of positive energy and recognised connector for opportunity and greater efficiency

​........... ​but you should know there is no magic fairy dust.

I can help you with your communication and media challenges, traditional and on line (Social Media), your approach to tasks, time or technology, project management, business development and help you identify your challenges and who could possibly provide the best solutions for you.

Sole traders - Larger organisations - Local Authority - Voluntary - 3rd Sector organisations are all within my existing client base.

In one year alone I created over £2million pounds of referrals for businesses I network with, you never know where a conversation with me might lead to.

I also host a weekly radio show called Business Lunch on Thursdays at Noon. Listen to these and find podcasts of past shows via: www.bizradio.uk - always seeking enterprising business owners to come to the studio as my guest, drop me an e-mail.



























Why I’m good at what I do…

Somthing Personal

Father of two, Jenni and Daniel, married to Samantha.  Daniel is severley Autistic  and no longer living at home.  Jenni recently completed a marketing Communications Degree at Bournemouth Uni, after achieving top marks at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College (Proud Dad moment!) Samantha has her own disabillities due to a brain tumor when expecting with Daniel. (A stressed out Husband/Carer moment!)

Somthing Buisness

I have a growing network of contacts across the country that I love connecting together - with my growing network information and introductions flow with ease.

I have been active as a business mentor for over ten-years and my experience and knowldege is shared every year with both Degree and Masters level students at the University of Buckingham.

I created the Original Low Waffle Guides, launched in Feb 2013, and also as a director of BBK Media Ltd co created and currently edit Sustainable Building Matters, the online magazine that features only green construction issues.  

Ben is a former vice chair of the Oxfordshire Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses, currently President of the Bicester & District Chamber of Commerce and has chaired, helped set up, and run several networking groups.  He is also a long standing member of Bicester Speakers and self acknowledged lectern junkie. (Give me the floor at your peril, you may not get it back for a while!)

Somthing Past
35+ years in business in owner run firms, Ben has managed a customer service award winning construction company that worked on the royal estate in Windsor and on many listed and scheduled structures.  He has also delivered heritage related content to an industry audience for colleges, chaired a Centre of Vocational Excellence, that dealt with both heritage and sustainable construction elements in Oxfordshire for a three year period and been a vice chair of the Oxfordshire Contsruction Training Group.  In addition he has been a school governor and a seasoned sucessfull campaigner for children with disabillities. He helped create and deliver the highly acclaimed strategic business partnership for Bicester known as 'Bicester Vision'.

The Future
Delivering workshops and one-to-one conversations that will deliver clarity to business owners around their future direction and what they need to action to achive their desired outcomes. Along with the confodence to take those actions. All resulting in their being happier and easier to work/live with.


















Member Testimonials

  • What an incredible 4sight - 1 hours notice and a cracking delivery - highly recommended booking Ben
  • I have known Ben for a while now through my role as Regional Leader for 4N. Ben leads one of our groups and also gives excellent talks on a huge variety of business-related topics. If you need a speaker at an event then Ben is a safe pair of hands (or lungs) to get involved.
  • I have seen a couple of Ben's 4Sights now and I have to say he is a very compelling speaker. Not only are his 4Sights well presented they are really interesting and useful too. Today I saw him talk about how to give a presentation and have been encouraged from that to 4Sight myself. Thanks Ben.

What I do

  • Business support
  • Presentation & Public speaking skills
  • Business Growth & Trauma Specialists
  • Business networking explained.
  • Media Marketing & Communication

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