What I Offer…

I work with businesses that want to grow but need a little help to do it. In my personal experience business owners are never short of ideas whether that's ideas about new services or products, ideas for better systems to help them be more efficient, ideas for new marketing to help them find new clients, or ideas about how they're going to work less hours and stop spinning so many plates!

The bigger challenge is knowing which idea to work on first or understanding which one's actually a complete red herring. So that's where I come in - turning those ideas into actual concrete actions. Helping business owners take simple steps to overcome the overwhelm that's so common in running your own business.

My mission is to help small businesses become more efficient and more profitable but the reason that I want to do that is that I'm a massive advocate of having a genuine work-life balance. Running a business should help you have a better life, not take over it completely! Helping clients to take a day off every week with their kids or finally have the money to book their first holiday for years, or lose a stack of weight because they're so much happier in themselves. Those are the real reasons I love what I do.

From a personal perspective I like adventures and trying out new things. I live with my partner and our 2 mad cats (Archie the Hunter Cat & Ellie the Scaredy Cat!) I love being in the great outdoors although don't make a habit of it as much as I should. In my heydey I used to run for Great Britain so was inspired by some truly great athletes and coaches in my teens and twenties. And one of these days I'm going to be really fit again. Honestly!!

Why I’m good at what I do…

She knows her onions! 

My first experience of coaching was as an athlete. About 3 bazillion years ago I was a sprinter. I won 3 national schools titles and the Under 23 European Cup so I wasn't too shabby at it. And there's a box of kit that I can't fit into anymore in the loft to prove it! What it showed me though is the power of having somebody else to guide and advise you, to shake you up when you're getting complacent, gee you up when you're doubting yourself and constantly believe in you. My coaches were amazing and helped me achieve things I could never have done on my own. 

And that's what i do for my clients. 

I bring some hefty corporate experience with me (19 years at Lloyds Bank in various Management, Training and Change Management roles, including heading up the training team that was responsible for the leadership and management training of admin centres that employed 6000 staff). Phew! 

Add to that 7 years as a franchised Business Coach with ActionCOACH the self-proclaimed World's Best Coaching Company. This was phenomenal experience, regularly mixing and sharing best practice with hundreds of business coaches from all over the world. It's amazing how simlar business challenges are right around the globe!

The thing that underpins everything for me is potential. It's cheesy & over-used I know but I LOVE helping people see how much potential they've really got and guiding, kicking, cajoling, motivating and supporting them to achieve it. I love to see a client who just wants to replace a bog standard salary realise that they can make so much more. I don't offer rocket science or magic wands or amazing unheard of new ideas. Business is actually quite straightforward, but being objective about your own business when you feel overwhelmed or undervalued is a whole different ball game.

I'm sociable and a bit too talkative as well so please feel free to give me a call to put the world to rights or just to introduce yourself. It's good to talk! 0161 674 0124

Member Testimonials

  • Saw Paula about a month ago & she gave a great insight into how people interpret what you put on social media. Very helpful & I certainly learnt some very useful tips.
  • Paula inspired me with her 4Sight on business planning this week. Having 1:1 meetings with stars like Paula is what I love about being a 4N member. She combines a relaxed and approachable manner with focused thoughts on the important issues.
  • I went on Paula's Put Some Shizzle Into Your Sales! course today. Coming from a position of feeling I was useless at sales, Paula showed me I had a number of the key skills already, identified improvement areas, & we created a strategy together to help my business grow. Awesome & highly recommended
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What I do

  • Business Coaching
  • Sales training
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Business Planning & Consultancy
  • Time Management and Productivity

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