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  • I saw Mark again today, who was one of the first guys I met in 4N, some years ago now, reminded me that being on one of his teams back in the day really did kick-start my 4N journey which has been so powerful for not only my business but the relationships formed.
  • Mark is a very personable and friendly networker, representing a company whose reputation was cemented for me when friends had a serious diagnosis and WPA, recommended by a healthcare administrator, came to their rescue. Lucky for them that Mark and WPA looked after them: they were in good hands!
  • Mark is a top class 4N Regional Leader and an all round God damn great guy! I wanted to post another testimonial as I couldn't fit everything I hoped to say in to 300 characters.
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What I do

  • Private Healthcare
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Cash Plans
  • Dental Plans

My Stats

Last online 30th Jun 2020
Member since 14th Sep 2010
Number of testimonials 36
Meetings attended 890
4N ranking 146 in the UK

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