What I Offer…

Welcome to The Yorkshire Powerhouse

Here at the Yorkshire Powerhouse I provide new-start and SME businesses with FREE advice and resources to help them make a good job of their new venture.

Our website provides hundreds of pages of independent, high quality articles on a wide range of subjects from pre-start thinking, business planning, marketing, finance, employing and growth.  Additionally, we provide a range of downloads providing resources such as business plans templates, marketing plans, SWOT & PEST sheets and cash flow forecasts.

Start up business advice

Business plan templates

The content is 'Yorkshire' in approach ... meaning we don't hold back on being honest or blunt.

Yorkshire Powerhouse is promoted extensively on Google using pay per click advertising and this is funded by advertising partners who can sponsor pages or sections on the site to help them raise their profile with the visitors.  

We also provide equity based lending to small businesses - from £10,000 to £2m and are not controlled by banks or silly regulations.


Why I’m good at what I do…

For the last 20 years I've provided small SME and new start businesses with advice, guidance and strategic support and I'm passionate that Yorkshire businesses can be amazing - especially if they're given typical Yorkshire 'straight-talking' help in the first place.

The Yorkshire Powerhouse website provides FREE business planning templates, hundreds of pages of high quality advice and the ability to sign up to receive regular news and information that is of benefit to SME's and new businesses alike.

I'm a passionate small business champion, connecting SME's with quality B2B suppliers in the Yorkshire region using the GREAT Yorkshire Directory which is regularly promoted for the benefit of the listees.

If you'd like to chat at some time, please contact me on 07814 589317 or email stewart@yorkshirepowerhouse.com

Things I like…

Within 4N - I'm always trying to find a balance between professionalism and being daft! Generally the daftness wins out!

In business - I love disruption and change, I enjoy studying disruptive business models and their strategies. I also adore the technical aspects of sales and marketing - creating a funnel, nurturing, squeezing and making sales growth happen by deliberate cause and effect. I've also set up POWERHOUSE NETWORKING to expand the networking opportunities in the Yorkshire region.

I my personal life - I enjoy living! By that, I mean, getting out there and doing things - mountain biking, hiking, adventure sports, gym, swimming, etc. ... BUT, I also enjoy socialising, eating and especially drinking. My lifetime ambition is to consume more and weigh less. One of these is winning!

Member Testimonials

  • By advertising on your website for just £10 per month, I've got a new customer for design and print, a visitor for 4Networking AND a referral for my website designer! Amazing Thankyou
  • I listed my business on the Yorkshire Powerhouse several months ago, and since there has been a consistent stream of referrals from Stewart. Incredible value; brilliant results - join the Yorkshire Powerhouse revolution now! Thank you Stewart
  • I got to know Stewart well through 4N and he clearly knows marketing inside out. It is therefore no surprise that his Yorkshire Powerhouse website is so successful, and for that reason becoming a Powerhouse sponsor was an obvious choice which immediately started to pay dividends in lead generation
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What I do

  • Business Start Up advice and support
  • Provide the GREAT Yorkshire Directory of quality
  • Business Investment reviews
  • Business Advice Coaching and Training
  • Alternative networking opportunities

My Stats

Last online 10th Dec 2019
Member since 22nd Sep 2010
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Meetings attended 468
4N ranking 692 in the UK

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