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  • Rob was introduced to me on the 4N forum after asking for the best at SEO expert. Many names were offered but Robs' came up continuously. A year down the line and we are ranking on page one for our chosen keywords. We have eliminated the need for PPC. Business has increased and we are saving money.
  • Rob brought me in on a project that, due to it's complexity, had lost momentum. Luckily, Rob's a very personable character & we were able to work methodically through each issue, overcoming each design, usability & technical challenge to deliver a project that the client was fully satisfied with.
  • Robert has taken over our website that was dormant and usless, within a 3 month period it has been revamped, and we have had a steady stream of enquiries, some of which have bought us a fantastic Payroll client which is worth good revenue to us. I highly recommend Roberts services.
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  • SEO & Internet Marketing

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Last online 4th Dec 2019
Member since 29th Oct 2010
Number of testimonials 11
Meetings attended 131
4N ranking 88951 in the UK

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