What I Offer…

Your target customers are searching for your products and services on the internet right now!

Who will they find first - you or your competitor?

If you do not do your research, create content and optimize your website around relevant keywords then your customers will have a hard time finding you in Google.

Internet marketing process;

  • research keywords & competition
  • create multi-media web content
  • syndicate web content & track results
  • improve, refine, repeat 

We provide the following services;

Customer & competitor research

Before creating a website or blog it is vital that you research the online market. You need to know which keywords your target customers are searching for, where they hang-out online, what are their biggest problems and what results they are looking for. Also you need to know what your competitors are doing and who they are targeting, what services they provide and how they deliver them. Once you have this information you can begin to plan your online marketing campaign.

Lead Generation

Generating leads on the internet is a fairly straightforward process if you understand the overall concept and have access to a few free tools.

First you need to identify who your target customer is and then what they want from a website. Once you know that you create the relevant content and have it syndicated across the internet pointing back to your website. This creates backlinks and forces Google to rank your site higher in it's index. Repeating these actions will bring you right kind of traffic.

Once you are getting traffic you work on the conversions - what action do you want your visitor to take? Complete a form for more info? Buy something? Call you? The first step to increasing conversions is to simply tell your visitor what you want them to do - this is called a call-to-action. Don't be shy! Visitors will not do what you want unless you tell them to do it!

Using tools such as Google analytics, heat maps and website optimiser tests will help you refine your website to increase conversions and make more use of the traffic that you are receiving.  Once your site is optimised you can then go all out on SEO packages and paid advertising knowing that each pound that you spend will be returned to you many times over!

Social Media Profiles and Posting

We can build custom profiles and pages for Twitter and Facebook and post to these platforms for you based on an initial document that you complete. This is a completely done-for-you service.

We also offer facebook advertising services which includes setting up ad campaigns, creating banner ads, setting up Facebook contests, etc.

We can also set up advertising campaigns, iframe pages and create powerful applications for your business that can help share your content virally.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Most recently (and most interestingly)...

I lived in Japan for 8 years from 2001 and worked as a teacher, got married, have two kids.

Came back to the UK and had a change of plan and what was a sideline became my main business! 

When I was working as a teacher in Japan I had a lot of free time so after a year or so I started a masters degree in applied linguistics by distance.  Three years later I had finished the MA and still had a lot of time to fill at work and I discovered internet marketing and got started making and marketing websites over six years ago.

After returning to the UK circumstances conspired to make the next logical step to start teaching people who really needed the knowledge how to quickly and easily build websites and get them ranked in the search engines.  However, the people that really needed to know this stuff – business owners – generally did not have the time (nor inclination) to study and implement such things themselves.

So I decided to create done-for-you-solutions for business owners who wanted more than just a fancy-looking, but ultimately useless website.

The main focus for most business websites should be on results – what action do you want the visitor to take? Is it to purchase a particular product, to leave their contact details or pick up the phone and call you.

Lead Generation Websites offers done-for-you solutions for the primary online marketing problems of traffic and conversions - get more of the right traffic to your website and then convert more of those visitors to paying customers.

Member Testimonials

  • Rob was introduced to me on the 4N forum after asking for the best at SEO expert. Many names were offered but Robs' came up continuously. A year down the line and we are ranking on page one for our chosen keywords. We have eliminated the need for PPC. Business has increased and we are saving money.
  • Rob brought me in on a project that, due to it's complexity, had lost momentum. Luckily, Rob's a very personable character & we were able to work methodically through each issue, overcoming each design, usability & technical challenge to deliver a project that the client was fully satisfied with.
  • Robert has taken over our website that was dormant and usless, within a 3 month period it has been revamped, and we have had a steady stream of enquiries, some of which have bought us a fantastic Payroll client which is worth good revenue to us. I highly recommend Roberts services.
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What I do

  • SEO & Internet Marketing

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