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With over 20 years’ experience in the digital communication and mobile technology sector, working in Africa, Europe & North America for multinational communication companies like Siemens, Nokia, Verizon, Vodacom, O2, 3, Pipex and Intel on infrastructure delivery, proof of concept and technology trails, optimisation, capacity and content management Project, ensuring that change is implemented with minimal impact to the orgenisation.

As an Interim Consultant, Contractor or Coach, I not only brings this insight and experience but also excitement for what is possible to the project and client I works with.

Main services are:

 - Marketing and Business Development Strategy (in a GDPR connectedly you identify and understand the four main components affected by GDPR compliance, looking at three scenarios, as data controller, data processor and data subject and any of the three could apply depending on the contact the data is used in)

1.) HR, (i.e. what people do with the data and how this could cause a breach

2.) Security, (i.e. what system you using to protect a breach, the processes you have that monitor and report a breach)

3.) Contracts, (i.e. what terms and conditions do you have in your contracts, those of the service/ equipment providers you use and how are you end to end compliant)

4.) Marketing, (for example, what are the basis for consent and legitimist interest under which you have the data you hold, how do you use this data, do you do any analytics and profiling, can you easily react to subject access request and a data subject request to erasure)

 - GDPR Consultancy, Data & Process Mapping for GDPR compliance geared around Article 6 of the GDPR Regulations, that looks at what lawful bases apply for the data you hold.

1.) Consent, (pre-ticked opt ins on web forms and capturing email addresses to download free reports are typical ways to no comply. Also, important consent expires)

2.) In order to fulfil a contract, (for example when a tenant lease a building, what information do you need to fulfil your contractual obligation with them?)

3.) Compliance with a regulatory obligation, is it in the interest of the data subject (for example accountants have to hold client data typically for 6 years, so what do you do when a data subject request come in and the data subject execute their right to erasure?)

4.) In the public interest. (for example, when a local authority holds information on a data subject to provide them a service that their council tax pay for)

5.) in the vital interest of the data subject. (for example, the information a doctor hold on a data subject)

6.) is there a legitimate interest for you to have the data you hold. (for example, do you have more data that you require, in a 4N context, do you need the information to tell members about upcoming meetings.) 

 - CRM Development and Implementation Briefs (In the contact of GDPR, having an integrated system that help you manage and report on your structured data)

 - Web Design Briefs. With the e communication regulation and GDPR it become more important to ensure your website is fit for purpose.  

 - Project, Program & Delivery Management

If any of the above resonate with you then please get in touch to see if we able to work together.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Why I’m good at what I do…

I am Cambridge (UK) based and work with companies of all shapes and sizes; local, national and international. 

Feel free to get in touch so we can see if we are the right people to work together.

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  • I attended Gerrit's insight on GDPR recently which was extremely informative and interesting, he was very willing to advise me and followed up after. Gerrit is very knowledgeable about all aspects of business development and marketing - I would high recommend Gerrit for assistance with your business
  • Gerrit is so enthusiastic about sharing resources and helping with making connections. His wealth of knowledge for supporting small businesses is outstanding, He was very helpful in clarifying the grant funding options and helping me with the application process to assist in growing my business.
  • I have known Gerrit for 15 years and his expertise in networking and assisting companies develop has been demonstrated many times. He is approachable and professional, delivering real value to anyone who wants to improve and expand their company.
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What I do

  • Marketing & Business Development Strategies
  • GDPR Consultancy
  • GDPR Data & Process Mapping
  • Program & Project Management (Prince2)

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