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Welcome to Romulus Advisory!

Who are we?

Romulus Advisory was established to support both private and public sector enterprises in achieving their corporate objectives.

We offer corporate finance and project finance solutions.  In essence we help businesses to raise money to achieve their strategic goals

Corporate Finance

What do we offer?

A friendly, transparent approach to funding and finance solutions for your business that is free from financial jargon.  

We seek to realise your business’s potential by ensuring that you have the right financing structure to drive your business development.

Why should we be your partners?

For the small and medium enterprise we are the perfect size – small enough to offer a personalised service whilst large enough to offer a comprehensive service. 

Recognising that each client is unique and we produce a tailored solution that considers your needs and requirement’s to achieve a winning solution.

With over 40 years experience of fund raising and delivering straight talking financial advice we are your partner for your funding needs.

Because we are solutions focused we assess our assignments on that basis.  Thus, we back ourselves to deliver your solution.

Project Finance

What do we offer & why Romulus Advisory?

Fund Raising

The team has worked on 32 PPP transactions covering a range of sectors including the sourcing the funding for the redevelopment of a specialist hospital in Buckinghamshire to participating in the complete reconstruction of one of the UK’s army barracks in Essex.

Financial Modelling

Complex financial models support Project Finance transactions but these models have to be practical, reliable and error free.

We have a proven track record of delivery of models that meet and exceed your expectations.  

Rather than leave you with a stand alone model we offer to support your post completion team as part of our after care services.

BidManagement & Support

Tendering for work can be challenging, expensive and very competitive however we can help you improve your win / loss ratio.

We have submitted or revised a range of successful submissions on behalf of clients ensuring that our rewards are aligned with your success.

Support for the Public Sector and charitable bodies

The current austerity measures have limited Central Government funding.

Romulus Advisory produces innovative solutions that unlock your funding dilemma, we can assess a project’s attractiveness and advise on how it can be more attractive to bidders.

We achieve positive results by utilising over 40 years of experience working with the public sector to ensure our track record.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991 but found auditing unrewarding as it was retrospective (aka boring) so I wanted to do some more cutting edge type of accounting which basically meant corporate finance and corporate recovery.  This basically meant that I assisted raising companies in raising capital from various sources including venture capital, banks and grants.

I switched slightly when I joined London Underground in 1997 and worked in their project finance division.  Here I worked on raising finance for large scale infrastructure projects such as those lovely ticketing barriers and oyster cards and the projection advertising that are on some of the platforms and escalators.  From London Underground I worked for the private sector raising funding & submitting tenders for large scale government projects such as the redevelopment of Colchester garisson and Manchester Royal Infirmary.  I have also worked on funding projects for more hospitals, schools, courts, police stations & a library.

I left all that behind me in December 2010 when I helped set up Romulus Advisory so that I am now back to raising funds in support of SME's.  My journey has gone full circle and in many ways I find myself home doing what I loved best!!!!

I love what I do as it combines meeting people, understanding businesses and harnessing finance to achieve people's dreams!

To keep me sane I am married to a creative genius called Jeanette who runs Cocoon Photography (www.cocoonphotography.co.uk) and we have two sons aged 5 & 7 plus a labradoodle puppy called Shaun (aka the Sheep) and a 3 legged cat called Dove!!!


What I do

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