What I Offer…

Achieve REAL results in your business through EFFECTIVE marketing communications.

In an increasingly noisy world, against a din of competing sales messages, yours might struggle to be seen. Coupled with the fact that consumers – both b2b and b2c – are increasingly savvy and becoming blasé about the barrage they are subjected to, you might wonder how marketing communications will ever succeed in influencing your market.

But there IS a way. And it’s not about shouting louder to make yourself heard. It’s about talking to the right people. In the right way. Strategically.

By combining several key ingredients there is a way of effectively delivering your marketing messages to your audience. They are: understanding your marketplace; strong creative; disciplined production and rigorous management. By getting all these components right and understanding that marketing communications really are a dialogue between you and your audience, we'll ensure your marketing activities become the most important part of your business to drive it forwards to wherever you want to go.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have a degree (in History if you're interested) which possibly means I'm more intelligent than I look or sound. But then I graduated a long time ago…

Those who know me know that I believe passionately in various bits of "stuff" – politics, people, places, philosophy (ooh look, all "p"s).

They also know I intensely dislike bullshitters and bullies.

I also like mountains – scramble up or ski down. Why are there no mountains in Sussex?!

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  • I've used Gareth on several occasions. I've found his approach,techniques and industry knowledge extremely professional and good value for money considering his expertise.His attention to detail is to be admired I've just asked Gareth to design some new artwork for me, so what more can I say?

What I do

  • Advertising Marketing & PR

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