What I Offer…

Making video that works for you!

More business. Better business. How to get your message across well in the crowded marketplace.

Whatever you do, you’ll have been told or become increasingly aware of the need to incorporate video strongly into your marketing and business communications. In today’s world it’s a real need for most businesses and organisations, from micro to mega.

Our inspiration is to help you tell and share your stories effectively and attractively through video, and have them seen by your intended audience.

Our competence is to work with you to craft and perfect your creative video content and get it in front of the right people, external or internal, in the right way. Whatever your business, profession or field of activity.

We’ll seek to understand your branding and marketing, and your communication needs, as the first step through our
'Listen To You First' 7-Step Planning and Development’ system:
1. Explore - 2. Discover - 3. Frame - 4. Target - 5. Identify - 6. Design - 7. Compose

For each project, small or large, we’ll work together to draw out the important messages, creatively shape the stories and style and write the scripts. Then we’ll produce great video content, help you 'get it out there' and get it seen.

Video to powerfully support your business goals and make a difference to your results. It's unquestionably proven that video, done and used well, is tremendously effective.

We can also take care of simple video projects such as events, video testimonials and provide video marketing and 'camera comfort' training.

Maybe you already have a strong video strategy or perhaps you're just feeling your way - in either case we have value to offer. Whatever stage you’re at, knowledge you have or experience you’ve had, we’d love to come and listen – so arrange an informal ‘Explore’ meeting today.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I originally trained as a commercial still photographer and worked in advertising and fashion to begin with. I also spent some time in the movie industry in production management.

I ended up in the technology corporate world for a long time, in sales, marketing, and major project management. From there into management consultancy and private business development. After a career break in the early 2000s I returned to marketing services and commercial still photography.

Observing the way that technology was enabling online video to become increasingly mainstream - and that so much of what was being produced wasn't really very good - around 2011 I chose to get involved in commercial video production.

My aim continues to be to helping and teaching businesses to communicate and market more powerfully and effectively with video.

Things I like…

Cooking, travel, action and sci-fi movies, the outdoors, music of many kinds (I also play bass guitar), and my lovely chocolate Labrador, Harry.

Member Testimonials

  • If you haven't got video on your website, and at www.firewalk.co.uk we have lots, you need to speak to Jon at mach6 media. He guided me through the process of making a promo video with ease and professional skill that made it both interesting and great fun. You won't regret it. Great Job, Jon.
  • Thank you Jon, for taking my new profile photo. It was the most compliments I have ever received on a photo of myself on facebook. Also for being a great source of information and advise about 4N and beyond.
  • Jon has helped me greatly. He not only has taken professional head shots for me he has helped me, as new business starting out. He has helped with cards, flyers, printing and all round advice. Top man!
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What I do

  • Commercial video production
  • video marketing and commercial still photography

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