What I Offer…

IT Support
We find a lot of business people don't have time to worry about which hardware or software they should be using and the technology behind it, they simply just want their computers and IT networks to work reliably in the way they need them to.

Growing businesses find that their IT requirements grow at the same rate as their business plans, or even faster. We run a small business pretty much the same as any other small business.  The challenges you have, we addressed maybe yesterday or the day before.  We have been doing this for the last 8 years.

If your office computers work as expected, are simple and straightforward to use, then we have succeeded.

ComputaLocal provides a complete IT support service for growing businesses

  • Establish a reliable IT network appropriate to your business
  • Specify, build and install your first (and second) server
  • Quickly connect to the internet using broadband connections
  • Set up effective company email systems
  • Enable home working for Directors and employees
  • On-site customer service and one-to-one training as required
  • Evaluate and recommend the best hardware and software


Why I’m good at what I do…

IT is my third career.  By choice.  I really enjoy what I do.  Really!

Member Testimonials

  • When I set my company up in 2005 I relied upon John to maintain all my PC's and keep the anti virus up to date. I have more than a couple of workstations and it is paramount to me to have them all working to their optimal performance. I'd highly recommend John every time.
  • John has maintained servers, PC's and Mac's for my businesses, family and I for a number of years. Highly knowledgable and responsive to dealing with our disasters. Others I have referred have continued to use him and I feel that is as about the best testimonial you can get.

What I do

  • Basic on line membership

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