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Welcome to Circle of Life Celebrants where your wishes and dreams can become reality. 

As an Independent Celebrant I will help you create an exceptional ceremony for your day.  Whether it’s for a traditional style wedding or a romantic commitment, for a civil ceremony or for a vow renewal I can be of assistance.  Perhaps you would like a Celtic Handfasting or a child naming (christening) I can support you.  Maybe you would like a pet blessing, or to mark the passing of a pet or for a house or land blessing, no matter what your requirement we want to help your dreams come true and make a difference to your day. Our bespoke services are available for any ceremony you want and you are only limited by your imagination!

If you want your day to be different, whether that to you means a ceremony on a beach or in a forest, or early in the morning or late into the evening, then I want to help you create that and make it happen.  With my guidance, you will design your day so that it uniquely reflects YOU and will not be something that has been used over and over again.  Together we will decide on readings and any other words or poems you may want to have that depict and typify the day.

Your day will be a meaningful and memorable occasion ... and more.

I want to join you on your journey, allow me the honour of becoming part of your day. 

Call me anytime on 07771 604409 or email me on diane@circleoflifecelebrants.co.uk

Why I’m good at what I do…

About me ...

I live in Milton Keynes with my Husband and our dog Winston a gorgeous golden Cocker Spaniel who is 7 years old.  Winston is a rescue cocker who thinks he's a Rottweiler so is constantly running from my office to bark at all and sundry who pass by!  I am a mother of 2, a wicked step-mother to 1 (it’s what she affectionately calls me!) and grandmother to 7 wonderful children (because I can give them back!).

I was made redundant from a company after having worked there for 11 years which was quite a shock to the system having never been made redundant in all my working life!  I count myself fortunate to have been in my loving marriage for a long time and this led me to become a Celebrant.

My belief is that no matter who you are, what you believe in (or don’t) we are all on the same journey through life and we should all be respected and accepted.  Whatever you believe in, it doesn’t have to be that of the established faith of the church.  That is a decision of yours, not mine.

But what does this mean when you want to be joined together in marriage?  Who can officiate for you? Or perhaps you want to have a ceremony to celebrate and bless your children, who will you ask to officiate?

With my guidance; we will create a ceremony that is unique and special to YOU.

I will make myself available to give you help and guidance so that on your day everything will run smoothly to enable you to concentrate on the experience we are sharing and you can look back on your day with wonderful memories.

Your day will be a meaningful and memorable occasion that will be all you have hoped for ... and more.

I want to join you on your journey, allow me the honour of becoming part of your day.

I'd love to hear from you, call me anytime on 07771 604409 or email me on diane@circleoflifecelebrants.co.uk

A look through my website should answer most of your questions, but do contact me if you need any help whatsoever.

What I do

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