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Omni Local is the only quality FREE local A5 glossy magazine which is published every month and distributed FREE door to door to 30000 residencies in Kingston-Upon-Thames and some surrounding areas. We also distribute over 15000 copies every month to key outlets such as hotels, Police Station, Hospitals, doctors and dental surgeries, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums and theatres, libraries, galleries, record stores and car repair outlets. The total readership of Omni Local is an average of around 100000. Our FREE high quality LOCAL magazine offers our readers an interesting, different and useful variety of interests such as Horoscopes, a selection of puzzles, cooking recipes, DIY and gardening articles, local cinema and theatre guides and a monthly competition with a cash prize.

Because of the variety of the content Omni Local will appeal to every age group of the community. Omni Local is published for the local community, with strong local roots. We offer helpful, professional and friendly service, and with our flexible approach, for both readers and our customers we connect you to the LOCAL residents in a fun and interesting way. Our aim is to fit nicely between the free-papers, and the glossy magazines but with more ownership to the readers and better value to our customers who advertise with us. Because of our unique approach our readers won’t simply throw a quality publication away until they have their new issue. Why would they ?

We offer ALL our advertisors a FREE SMS Voucher service, and depending on your budget and commitment, we alos now offer FREE video marketing.

We are an ideal marketing source for your company. If you work in the Kingston area or already have customers in Kingston then Omni Local is your ideal partner.

Our services benefit the following businesses -

Local Trades – Plumbers, Carpenters, Builders, Garage services, Paint and decorators, Landscape, fencing and gardeners, plasterers, electricians, computer repairs, window fitters, kitchen and bathroom fitters, Tree surgeons, Taxi and Cab companies, Carpet fitters, Florists, Pest Control, general handy men, home cleaners, and Laundry services.

Professionals – Estate Agents, Accountants and Solicitors, Will makers, Dental surgeries, mental health advisors, funeral directors, Mortgages and financial advisors, Travel agents, Car hire and showrooms, Tax advisors, Storage facilities, Veterinary practices, and Employment agencies.

Personal Care and Fitness – Local gyms, personal trainers, Spas and health clubs, beauty and massage salons, hairdressers, Dance classes, martial arts clubs, nail salons, diet and nutrition advisors.

Personal Tuition – Music instructors, driving schools, language schools, life coaches, Skill workshops, higher education tutors, evening classes or workshops, and sports coaches

Entertainment and leisure – Cinemas, theatres, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, hotels, food delivery outlets, hobby clubs, internet cafes, bowling clubs, bingo, and paintball.

Retail – Pet care, DIY stores, hobby shops, fashion outlets, jewellers, independent stores, and Sports shops,

Other services – Dog walkers, babysitters, nurseries, mother and toddler groups, churches, and boot fairs.





Why I’m good at what I do…

I have spent my entire life from the age of 14 chasing an early retirement. If only it was that easy, or as simple as I thought it was all those innocent years ago. I retain my eagerness as I had when I was younger, just a little more sensible when it comes to planning ahead and achieving realistic goals and I have tried to do everything! From selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners, door to door cleaning products, drinks distribution, Nationwide property maintenance, double glazing, and property management. I had also set up a drinks company in France without speaking a word of the lingo, (The list goes on and on).

One of my many skills I have learnt in life along the long and troublesome highway of being very successful or just a penny shorter than the church mouse is that you have to give everything you have to what you believe in, try and learn something new from every situation, (either good or bad), and stay positive.

I have 2 rules in life - 1. Always be polite to the person you sit next to on the bus - 2. one hand washes the other....... I give at least 30 referals a week..... you want one, call me....support my business, Ill suport yours!

 26th Jul 2014
Brad Burton    Left QuoteJohn is a Sales and Marketing machine! He knows everyone, helps everyone and is an asset to 4Networking. Seek him out.Right Quote

I was born in Germany as my Dad was in the Army. We were constantly being moved from pillow to post and constantly changing schools. This made me learn very quickly to be smart and get on with people you don’t know, and as soon as possible. This has proven to be an invaluable skill in my adult life. If you have ever met me for the first time, you soon learn I am not forgettable very often.

I am always coming up with ideas on how to help, and even my worst enemies will say I am always there to help if in any way I can. I have a generous nature, and enjoy meeting likeminded people who are the same mission.

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  • In my 1-1 with John he was incredibly professional, helpful and very knowledgeable about opportunities for raising your profile in the London Business scene. He took active steps to connect me with useful contacts after our meeting and I would thoroughly recommend connecting with him.
  • Thank you John for another referral. Your support and belief in me is very much appreciated.
  • John is one very good example of how networking works, of how to manage several businesses and time manage and a source of inspiration. He is a legend in his own lifetime - and I am delighted he is in the Kingston area. Omnipresent is a perfect word for him and his businesses
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What I do

  • Printing & Publishing
  • Local Advertising Magazine & Leaflet Distribution
  • SMART QR Code
  • Marketing Email and Telemarketing Campaigns
  • SMS Marketing & Vouchers

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