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Internet consultants are stealing your Internet Property! ask me how come!

Hi Everyone,

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Are You Serious About Attracting Customers Online!

Have You Got Ideas You Want To Share With The World, But Don't Know How To Get Started!

Ask Richard for a 15min phone coaching session 07 538 538 138

I love to work with happy people with drive and goals, in return I will give my 25 years of knowledge as an entrepreneur  & money making internet marketer.

I have knowledge in all the technical side of the internet and very creative with it...


  • No Geek Speak, just common sense stuff that gets results!
  • SMS(text marketing)
  • Email & Autoresponders (automatic business email system)
  • Websites & Mobile sites ( i do everything from 1 page contact capture pages to department stores)
  • Local & Niche online offline marketing strategies. (using geographical telelphone nuimbers)
  • Film Making
  • Optimisation for google organic search and maps
  • goto the gym!

Don't do's, 

  • Graphic design(but can edit) 
  • Copywriting,
  • Brand design.
  • Drink wine or beer


Grown A couple of companies to 100k & 250k pa t/o  & property company to £1,050,000

Why I’m good at what I do…

Me, Wow, what can I say... 

Businessman, entrepreneur risk taker, who's addicted to helping people in business!

In business from 8 years old collecting screws and repackaging and selling to my only customer (my dad)

My dad has supported me through businesses in my early age, 1st car cleaning client, 1st odd job client

1st window cleaning client...

Worked for about 30-40 companies before I was 17, temping & permanent, 

self empoyed aerial photogaphy salesman 17-19 and a waiter from then til 21 then a flurry of businesses til I was 24 when I got into selling books online!

No Money, so decided to learn how to make websites, was hooked at least til 26, became a taxi driver for 8  months(got deposit bought house) then worked for a design company in cambridge for 6 months making movies, then set up my own webdesign business & folded it

Started a washing machine sales company with a partner,(we didn't communicate very well. So then Started All bubble No squeak on boot sales then a shop then 2 shops then started to specialise in a repairs shut the shops took on 4 engineers & grew to 250k pa

Still Got business now called Appliance repairman ltd with 2 engineers and an operator & 30 Niche Marketing Websites & 65 local telephone numbers!

All the time running 3 buisnesses along side each other Properties/appliances/Internet Marketing.

Now I 'm concentrating on Internet Marketing helping others to achieve the results I have Online!

Current Marketing Clients Include

Roofing Contractor, Plumbing, Solar PV, Air Conditioning, Spaybooths, Drainage, Dentist, Lawyer

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  • Richard has become part of my Platinum master group and has already proved to be an invaluable member. Richard is helpful, knowledgeable and certainly practises great customer service. Highly recommend

What I do

  • Mobile Marketing Consultancy
  • Google Places & mobile marketing
  • Lead Generation Websites
  • Geographic Telephone Numbers
  • Attitude Coach

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