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Roger Fairhead started his career designing industrial control systems, moving into project management, and went on to gain experience at all levels in project management and IT.  He is a leadership specialist delivering Leadership for Business Achievement through Speaking, Training and Coaching to business leaders and entrepreneurs. Roger's passion is to help people to learn to use effective leadership skills to lead their teams to capitalise on their strengths and passions to realise their dreams. He is the Director of Leadership for Business and can help accelerate your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. 

“The opportunity to have Roger as my thinking and coaching partner has been massively rewarding from the very first session. His thoughtful reflections, calmness, and wisdom helps, inspires and pushes me to do and be more.”

Why I’m good at what I do…

Sales & Marketing: Supporting businesses and social enterprises to get established and grow by delivering practical and effective hands-on support in Sales and Marketing.

Training: Roger has delivered management training to local businesses needing to develop staff for management positions.  Topics include Project Management, Team Building, Sales & Marketing, Leadership and Personal Effectiveness.

Coaching: Coaching of senior management to further develop leadership skills and personal effectiveness in Business.

Lecturing: Professionally qualified as a FE Educator, Roger has delivered lecture series at College and University at both FE, Undergraduate and Postgraduate level in Project Management and IT.


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