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Your Brand is Your Profit


Hello, I'm Daniel Bennett, and I work with businesses to increase their sales, margins and profits.  I'm the co-founder of Cattle, a full service Brand building agency, and the author of "The Proven 3 Stage Blueprint to Increase Your Sales, Margins and Profit using Powerful Branding for Owner-managed Businesses". 


Do you struggle identifying your vision, your mission, your values and the value you deliver? Do you know what your unique message is? These are the essence of your Brand; get them right and business becomes a whole lot easier. When I work with you to build your Brand this is where it all starts; I will give you the clarity you need.


I love working with my clients, injecting loads of creative energy to create powerful brands to deliver their unique messages to their Specialist Market-places.  Powerful branding ensures visibility, engagement, understanding and response from your chosen audience, leading to more qualified sales and business opportunities, and ultimately to bigger profits.


I have been in business for over 25 years, and worked with many hundreds of business owners and founders in that time, from Business Start-ups, SMEs through to PLCs.  By designing, implementing and energising powerful brands, I have added millions of pounds of value to our clients’ businesses by helping to grow new and repeat sales through more effective connections with their market-place, and adding-value to products and services to position them in the premium sector, eliminating competing on price, which results in increased profit margins.  The success of what I do often leads us to become integral to our clients’ teams providing on-going business advice and support in many areas of their businesses.


A great example of powerful branding is the work I’ve done with Maria and Mark, founders and owners of a specialist food company.  From the launch of their business I have created, designed and implemented powerful branding and marketing tools for their range of premium food products.  These sell at 350% more than the price of its competition, and the business has grown from just the 2 of them to a workforce of 26 people with markets throughout Europe, the US and now Russia.


If you know anyone who would like similar results to Maria and Mark, or you think they might benefit from learning about building powerful branding for their specialist business, whether food, people or technology based, simply get in touch with me.


I’d love to hear from you; until then, all the best.

Why I’m good at what I do…

A unique blend of experience and know-how.

Whilst a Brand builder for the past 25 plus years, previously I was a farmer! Yeap, a farmer, and there is a direct link to what I do now. Ask if you want to know.

My family were hoteliers in the Lake District where I fell in love with the hospitality industry, and great food in particular. Possibly why specialist food producers often choose to work with me. And then that real practical, down to earth side of me, and grafting from my farming days, that seems to appeal to the ambitious entrepreneurs and professional property investors I work with.


Member Testimonials

  • Daniel's 10 minutes at the Macclesfield meeting on April 22nd was an inspiring and interesting snapshot of his working life which was bang on for surviving, progressing and prospering in the 21st century business/working world.
  • I've known Daniel for a year now and can honestly say he's just a brilliant guy. I always love his energy at 4N meetings and he'll always introduce you to the right people on the day. And his knowledge of branding? Awesome :)
  • I have known Daniel since I joined 4 N in Jan 2012. He has a rare talent as a designer but he goes further offering support and mentoring both as a member and as an Area Leader. We will miss him and Kim but I know they will bring innovation and inspiration to everyone they work with and for.
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What I do

  • Brand Graphic Design Print
  • Website Design Business Consultancy
  • Full service Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Business consultancy

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