What I Offer…

At the heart of every successful business is the system infrastructure. Without if functioning effectively every day how would your business cope?

We are a professional services company delivering high quality operational management and business services to the small and medium sized business sector. We understand that while the importance of well-maintained IT is paramount, the cost associated with an in-house staff member can be prohibitive. For instance, did you know?

• A quality IT technician can cost in the region of £25,000 in salary costs
• A good IT manager could be up to £40,000!

Let Jalapeno Business Services support your systems strategy and delivery. We understand that prevention is better than cure.
As your business begins to grow and expand, you will recognise the need to take a holistic view of:

• What you have now in terms of your current framework.
• How you can operate most effectively
• What steps you might need to take to build and grow further

We will provide you with access to skills and expertise normally only found in national and multi-national companies but only in the quantity and variety that you actually require. With over 40 years experience of working within industry and within government and the military, Jalapeno Business Services has the expertise to enhance your current systems and business services, deliver new capability and ensure continuity of services and performance.
We offer peace of mind and build a strong relationship with you, your staff and your business as we provide you with:

• Day to Day Support
• Operational Management
• System Strategic Management
• Project Management

We work with you from the inside and become an essential long-term asset to your business.
Our Philosophy

We formed Jalapeno Business Services with the belief that the small and medium business should benefit from access to experience and expertise that is normally available only to large corporations.
We help small and medium business realise the benefits of best practices available to large companies to increase their awareness, efficiency and productivity in the area of Operational Management and its alignment to business objectives. We therefore help organisations to:
• Avoid the pitfalls of operating IT systems within their business environment.
• Take a measured holistic view of their infrastructure and then map their system requirements to their business goals.
• Improve on their operation management skills and processes.

Our expertise

Over 40 years experience of service delivery, change/project management and aligning systems to the business needs, through conception to successful completion.
In addition, 15 years of operational management with the commercial sector dealing with organisation with large and geographically diverse customer bases.
We have an in-depth knowledge of Technology, its use and deployment.
Additionally we have:

• An understanding and enthusiasm for best practice management techniques.
• A proven record of good project and business management that has delivered on-time and within budget

Our consultants have:

  • Many years experience of senior management.
  • Extensive practical experience of business systems and their relationship with business objectives.
  • The ability to engage at every level within your organisation.

Why I’m good at what I do…

3 years moving from Data Network Technician to Network Manager at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham.
3 years as Internet and Network Security Manager at Presence Ltd in Nottingham. Providing pre sales, post sales technical support. Systems design, installation, commission and support.
6 years as IT Manager and the Head of IT for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in Stamford. Managed the IT for a Global organisation turning over £15 million plus with sites in the UK, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong.
Laurence has been involved in many major IT projects (Infrastructure replacement both LAN and WAN, server and user environment improvement rollouts) from conception to implementation and acceptance, on time and within budget.
Laurence has in depth, practical experience in the following; System analysis, Process and procedure design and management, Designing, implementing and commissioning user and system environments, Managing system and service support and its associated teams, Project management, Commercial supplier and contract management and Man management

Member Testimonials

  • The meeting was excllent and the information regarding MD was presented well. I did not know much about MD before this presentation, but it has definitely opened my eyes to how people remain strong and work through any adversity. It is very humbling to meet such amazing people
  • Since Laurence has been looking after our IT system we have had no problems and everything has been working properly. The service received is brilliant and I feel very happy in knowing that with dealing with Laurence we have everything under control. I can highly recommend him!!
  • I highly recommend Laurence's skill and generosity. He kindly spent a long time on the phone recently helping me sort out a problem on my laptop. He managed to quell the panic I was feeling about it and recommend a way forward. I am very grateful for his support and knowledge.
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What I do

  • IT Support
  • IT Manager
  • IT Management
  • Business Continuity & Resilience
  • Business Support

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