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  • Robbie delivered the 4Sight today at Macclesfield. I found it a very open and honest insight into Robbie's background and how he got to where he is and why he does what he now does. Wonderfully eye opening and enthralling. And I might start 10 pin bowling again!
  • I met Robbie a few times & also saw him 4 sight before taking the plunge and attending his taster sessions. As a sceptic Robbie won me over with his unassuming & empathetic manner which really does help people discuss their issues openly. Give his taster sessions a go, you have nothing to lose!
  • I first met Robbie at Manchester airport 4N. After a further meeting at Cheadle I decided to go along to one of his dreaming room taster sessions. It was inspirational ! I came away feeling more positive and optimistic about my future. I will be returning to the dreaming room soon! Thanks Robbie
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  • Dreaming Room Facilitator

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