What I Offer…

Set up in 2012 to make it easier for companies and businesses to access funding. It is all about providing businesses with the best funding solution for them with the minimal amount of hassle to the business operator.

Making Business Finance Simple

Our overiding ethos is to make obtaining finance to grow your business easier and less hassle than ever. You run your business, we find the funding you need.

We are an award winning firm of business lending specialists. Based at Gatwick we primarily serve London and the South although we do have good clients nationwide.

Approved mentors to the Start-Up Loans Company and nominated as Business Mentor of The Year in 2013, we are able to offer good business advice alongside an ability to find business finance quickly and effectively.

Lime Consultancy have been awarded;

  • 'Small Commercial Finance Specialist of the Year 2013'
  • 'Crowdfunding Adviser of the Year, UK 2014'
  • 'Boutique Advisory Firm UK 2014'
  • Finalists for 'Small Business of the Year 2013 & 2014' in Sussex Business Matters Awards

All out latest news and blog articles are available on the website.

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Hassle free business finance. Cash flow funding. Equity or Angel Invesment. Asset Finance. Invoice Finance. Easy Business Loans. Low Cost Business Loans. Commercial Mortgages. Unsecured Business Loans. Secured Personal Loans. Proft Improvement. Invoice Chasing. Rapid Growth. Restructure Plans. Business Plans

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Why I’m good at what I do…

A finance industry professional who works with companies and businesses to help them access funding and commercial lending. Over 20 years experience in commercial lending, in my career I achieved;

  • An award winning commercial banker
  • One of HSBC's top 10 commercial managers in the UK
  • Am a full associate of the Institute of Financial Services, fully qualified through the IFS
  • An award winning business finance expert

I can tell you all you want to know, but it is often best to let my clients talk;

James Mason Testimonial

'Dave's extensive experience with one of the 5 main clearing banks enables him to clearly and effectively assist clients with all forms of raising capital and financial restructuring. Not an easy task in the current climate. In short, if you need finance then talk to Dave. He's one of the straightest talking good guys I have come across. Don't leave home without him!' - James Mason, Fifth Element Accountants

WannaGoYo Testimonial

'Lime Consultancy Business Plan, we really enjoyed the simplistic approach to honing in on what your company's focuses are! This will not only be helpful to us, but a helpful brainstorming activity for clients that we sit down with in intro sessions' - WannaGoYo

Mathew Cates, Sussex Subs Testimonial

'Lime consultancy were excellent in every aspect of the financial consultancy they provided me. They worked closely with me to understand my business and supplied a top notch business plan which I know will answer every question my bank has before they even ask. Their knowledge of what banks and lenders are looking for was exceptional and it left me fully confident that I could approach any lender and be sure that I had a good chance of securing the finances I needed. They made something which was daunting and difficult into an extremely easy and simple process'

So that is what some of my clients say, now let's cut to the personal and more intimate part...

The Interesting Bit

The formal bit is below, but let's cut to the personal facts. 10 things you need to know about me, warts and all - 

  1. I never make it through airport security. My wife and daughter deliberately go into a separate line. I have been stopped and questioned more times than I care to remember
  2. I love a pint of Doombar in the local pub
  3. Have a dog called Harry, possibly the softest animal ever and positively not a guard dog
  4. Have been mistaken for Phil Mitchell from Eastenders (why I never know...)
  5. I love things that go fast, rollercoasters, skydiving, bungee, whatever it may be
  6. Am married to Bren and live in Crawley
  7. Am the worst on-line player on Xbox ever, nobody likes playing games with me :(
  8. Was once mistaken for being a gettaway driver in a post office robbery. Following a reconstruction my name was put forward by 3 people
  9. Refer to above, it wasn't me! Although it may have some bearing on point 1, who knows...
  10. Was once the cause of cows closing the A264 near Horsham, some poor driving, mowed down a hedge and gate into a field. Was many years ago, I was young and should be forgiven...

The Positively Professional Bit



As a senior manager working for 22 years at the world's largest bank David has extensive experience of managing client relationships in a variety of business sectors including manufacturing, retail, IT, food and franchising. He has a sound knowledge of the principles of business and how to achieve results through innovative and practical client solutions.


David has a diverse range of skills which are equally different and complimentary. Continual professional development has remained core to his success over a prolonged period of time.


During his time at HSBC David was responsible for introducing new processes in handling customer enquiries and converting sales to the SME sector whilst managing a team of experts based at one of HSBC's largest and busiest footfall branches. This ability to think outside the box and not be afraid to innovate saw customer visits to sales penetration rise from 30% to over 85% within 6 months.


In 2003 David was recruited to improve performance in HSBC's commercial relationship management team. Taking on a portfolio of clients generating income of £200k p/a David developed solid contact strategies, focused on identifying and exceeding customer needs and in becoming a trusted advisor to many of his clients. This strategy involved being open, honest and working in partnership with clients during good times and bad. David left the role in 2009 with the portfolio generating £1.8m p/a income and HSBC employing a further two managers simply to meet demand.


Since leaving HSBC David has continued to work with his previous clients, advising on business management, growth, commercial risk, business planning and preparing companies for finance. This has enabled those clients to focus and succeed without the need to employ a Finance Director or add to their management team full time. This provides the client with a cost saving and a wealth of knowledge at a time flexible and to suit them.


Along with his previous clients, David works primarily on recommendation believing this to be the best form of marketing.






  • Certificated by Chartered Institute of Bankers

  • Awarded cCIB through University of Central England IFS distance learning

  • Advisor to Young Enterprise Sussex and former board member

  • Certificated for 'Finance of International Trade', 'Advanced Negotiation Skills', 'Judgemental Lending' and 'Commercial Risk Analysis' though HSBC Business School

  • Familiar with business models and structures from, Ansoff, Belbin, Porter

  • Familiar with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, widely recognised as the best way to overcome mental barriers. Using CBT to improve staff performance and increase workplace confidence and return on staff investment

  • Completed 'Client Management & Development' course by Corvin Corporate Training




David is a personable and down to earth person that allows his clients to relax and focus on their goals.


He is skilled in questioning, raising client awareness and exploring options in a broad minded but unobtrusive way. This allows his clients to explore their options fully, recognise the risks and focus on the issues which are fundamental to their commercial success.




Bluebird Care, Taxassist Accountants, Young Enterprise, OLQOH School, Pier Trading, HSBC





Member Testimonials

  • Dave has an incredible (well, VERY credible actually) knowledge of funding sources and what they need to see, and he also has a solid understanding of business that means he knows the *right* way to get finance for each individual business. Before chasing any business funding, have a chat with Dave
  • Saw Dave's 4sight on Friday at Shoreham. Really very good, obviously knows the industry inside out but more importantly could use plain language to outline how business's should view and manage their loans. Great presentation with some really good and simple tips.
  • I've always enjoyed chatting to Dave, but it wasn't until his 4sight this morning at Shoreham-on-Sea that I really 'got' what he's been telling me these past few months. A really good talk, and a powerful incentive to come to Dave for advice about funding my next project!
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What I do

  • Fast Business Loans
  • Commercial loans and secrued loans
  • Residential & Commercial Mortgage Broker
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Bridging and Devlopment Loans

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