What I Offer…

Homeopathical is me, Alastair Hay, a home visiting, mobile homeopath with 22 years experience practicing as a homeopath.

My goal, and hopefully that of my clients too(!) is that they get well again and neither need me or my medicines and tell everyone how they achived it.


Why choose me?

  • You want a homeopath who will travel to you
  • You want a homeopath with 22 years experience in practice
  • You want a homeopath who understands conventional and complementary medicines
  • You want a homeopath who encourages you to make informed decisions about your healthcare choices without prejudice or judgement
If you want this from your homeopath then I'm the one for you!
Why I’m good at what I do…

My passion is empowering people. I've always done it. I felt I was doing that whilst working as a pharmacologist, carring out migraine research, but I found it was so far-removed from the people (and empowerment) that I chose to train as a homeopath back in 1993. I enjoy driving (probably why home-visiting / mobile homeopathy suits me) and I'm also involved with a track day company CCTrackDays as their ideas man.

At the weekends you may find me providing music for weddings, parties, in fact all sorts of functions with my other 'outfit', makeasound. I also trade in British HiFi, build MAS amplifiers to order, and provide advice on music system installations. 

My family have just moved to Bedhampton, Hampshire having lived in Wallington for 10 years. I have a 7 year old daughter and my wife is a writer and publisher.


Member Testimonials

  • I needed some advice about an allergic reaction I had which caused swelling and irritation to my eyes and eyelids. Alastair gave me sound advice which I followed and has helped me recover quickly. Thanks you so much. I would always recommend Alastair.
  • Alistair has been so helpful and patient concerning my Son and has explained everything to me in plain English. He has so much knowledge and compassion.
  • I knew very little about homeopathy until I had a consultation with Alastair Hay. I can honestly say that Alastair is a true professional in his field! Over a short period of time he has turned my health around and I cannot recommend him highly enough! Thank you :-)
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What I do

  • Homeopathy
  • Complementary Therapist/Coach
  • Natural Medicines
  • Health and Medicine
  • Body Health & Wellness

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Member since 23rd May 2012
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