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From a long line of influential and noble Russian ancestors, Irina Mappin has always been surrounded by beauty and culture.  This is clear from the Noble Excellency Ablak, one of her ancestors who with his philosophy, knowledge and understanding of eastern sciences and beauty helped mould the Russian nation, evident in its magnificent cities.  With an avid interest in the arts and culture, philanthropist Irina has dedicated her life to working and appreciating artists today.  For this reason Irina and her husband John Mappin, together with renowned artist ted Stourton have started a programme for aspiring artists at their Camelot Castle Hotel, a place that has always been favoured by artists and creative minds over the centuries.  Birthplace of King Arthur, in Tintagel, Cornwall, Camelot Castle overlooks the Cornish coastline and the Atlantic Ocean.

Irina and John believe that the artists of today have such a big responsibility to ensure the continuity of beauty worldwide and that being an artist in today’s economy and environment takes enormous integrity and courage.  Because of this they have started the Artists in Residence Programme which has helped countless artists over the last few years. The artists gain encouragement and inspiration by being surrounded by the beauty and protection of the Castle.

Irina benefited from a private education at a top UK university and is a successful art collector.  She has a wide and eclectic circle of friends from all over the world.  She has made Camelot Castle Hotel her home where she draws inspiration and creativity.  Irina has a well-developed eye for talent and promising artists and recognised the enormous talent of business partner and artist Ted Stourton, whose many paintings line the walls of Camelot Castle.

Irina, John and Ted have laboured for many years to ensure that Camelot Castle is recognised as a centre for artistic renaissance.

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