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In a recent interview with the Oxford Business Group, Robert Geneid spoke about his experience in the development of niche market tourism and the potential of ecotourism in Malaysia, as well as in diverse ecological regions of the world. As the Managing Director and property developer of two resorts in Sarawak, Malaysia, Robert Geneid is more than qualified to speak on this subject that he is so passionate about.

In addition to the resorts, Robert Geneid is directly involved in the management of tourism in the Mulu National Park which is a World Heritage Area in the Sarawak region of Malaysia. Responsible tourism is a particular mission and passion for Robert Geneid who lives in Malaysia with his wife and seven children.

Responsible Business and Sustainable Development

Robert Geneid was born in Australia and received two degrees, one in Civil Engineering and one in Law from the University of New south Wales. Despite the grueling nature and seemingly disparate subject matter his choice of courses has compelled Robert to scale new heights as an entrepreneur. While working as a solicitor in Singapore for the prestigious law firm of Mallesons Stephen Jaques, Robert was responsible for the firm’s major project and construction law work in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Travelling extensively within South East Asia, Robert was able to recognize the potential and the need for an expert in business, engineering and law within the region. Whether it was working on the documentation for Jakarta’s first television station or developing the largest coal mine in Indonesia, Robert Geneid was able to present his unique views and dynamic business skills to help business across the region.

Today, Robert Geneid is a consultant and hands-on entrepreneur in the property development field and uses his unique skills and experience to promote sustainable ecotourism within one of the world’s most important ecological areas. The Royal Mulu Resort is a particular point of pride for this self-made and world renowned entrepreneur. Currently in the process of becoming a Marriott Resort, the Royal Mulu will become an important site and prime example of successful responsible tourism and sustainable development in the world.

Combining his love for nature and his overwhelming dynamism in the boardroom means that Robert Geneid is an important part of the development of business and tourism in South East Asia. Regularly sought after as an advisor to the tourist industry, Robert continues to drive home the point of ecotourism as well as a sustainable business model. It’s a rare gift and one that has been honed and crafted over years of experience, an unrelenting work ethic and the support of his family.

Robert Geneid is an advisor and mentor to successful businesses in the region. He also lends his experience to large scale construction projects in Singapore and Malaysia. When he is not found in the boardroom, Robert can be found outdoors with his family enjoying ‘jungle-trekking’ as well as tennis and cycling.


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