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Errol Damelin is a man with a mission; he is passionate about finding innovative ways to improve the lives of consumers around the world. After taking a look at the traditional banking model, he knew that the world was ready for wonga.com. The founder and developer of the award-winning digital financial company wonga.com is never content to rest or to sit back and enjoy his success. Errol Damelin is always on the move; always striving to bring better products to consumers and always driving himself to succeed.

An entrepreneur from a young age, Errol Damelin was born and educated in South Africa. After completing a business degree, Errol Damelin began his meteoric rise to international recognition through his innovative ideas and the passion he feels for each of hisendeavours. Founder of the globally successful Supply Chain Connect, which provided supply chain solutions to over 250 Blue Chip clients, Errol Damelin is an inspiring business leader and innovator.

Wonga.com was founded by Errol Damelin in 2008 and has completely changed the way that consumers view the lending process. Modern consumers want more choice, more transparency about their loans, and even more financial solutions. Errol Damelin and wonga.com provide exactly that. The company utilizes technology to provide short-term loans to applicants in a matter of minutes. With an upfront payment schedule and flexible terms, Wonga is all about choice and personal service conveniently online.

Innovation and excellence are the driving principles behind the vision of Errol Damelin and his award-winning technology company. Recently named the Entrepreneur of the Year at the UK's Growing Business Awards and the Founder of the Year at TechCrunch Europas, plus the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for London and Digital Entrepreneur of the Year, Errol Damelin and wonga.com have changed the financial landscape forever. Having a background in investment banking and decades of experience as the CEO of successful other companies has meant that Damelin is perfectly situated as CEO and leader of this dynamic business.

Wonga.com promotes the values and ethics of responsible lending; every application is screened using highly sophisticated algorithms as well as third party creditbureaux information to ensure that all short-term loans can be repaid. Each consumer who uses the Wonga service is in control of the decision making process at every step. This is an important mission for Errol Damelin who believes that the banking and financial services industry needs to be more upfront and open about their transactions and dealings with clients.

Using Wonga, customers can be assured that they will not encounter pushy sales staff, legal or financial jargon, and that terms and conditions that are easy to understand. Errol Damelin has always been determined to bring about change on a massive scale. Wonga.com is backed by some of the leading venture capital firms in the city and has been able to approve over five million short-term loans.

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