What I Offer…

Well. Hello there.

I'm Michael Nagles, the Network Leader for 4Networking LTD. I oversee the day-to-day operations of our Network at over 250 groups holding 5,000 meetings every year.

In my role, I work with 22 Regional Leaders, 75 Area Leaders, and all together 800+ team members all across England, Scotland, and Wales to put on exceptional networking events for our members.

I sit on the Board of Directors, serving the owners of 4Networking LTD as their senior advisor. In that advisory capacity, I provide advice and consent to the Support Team, Our Financial Manager, and our Marketing Manager. I also lead the Manager of 4Development (our training initiative), Sheena Whyatt.

As well as serving our team members, I also work for the membership of the Network by being visible and accessible at meetings and events across the network. If your membership isn't working for you, spend 10 minutes with me.

Sound like a big job? It would be, but I've got a great support team, including Deputy Network Leader Jen Hinds and Senior Regional Leader John Raine. They make it all so simple!

I've also got great administrative support from our Help Desk at 4NHQ, and PA Anna Foxx Neal keeps me focused and organised.

You can meet the whole team by visiting our Meet the Team Page.

See you soon!


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Why I’m good at what I do…

As the Network Leader of 4Networking, I'm uniquely qualified to Lead the 800+ team members who put on over 5,000 meetings a year.

Although I now serve the network full time as the Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors, I originally joined as a member, just like most of you reading this.

When I joined 4N in 2012, I immediately took up the role of Marketing Co-ordinator at my local group, responsible for driving visitor flow at our events.

After a few weeks, I moved on to become a Group Co-ordinator, organising and supporting our members at those events.

Six Months into my membership, I assumed the role of Group Leader, leading a meeting and building my first 4N team.

9 Months in to my 4N Membership, I was asked to take on the role of Area Leader. In that role I lead the teams at 6 Groups in Hertfordshire, where we constantly held flagship level meetings with strong membership growth. I held that role for 1 year.

In 2014, I was appointed as the Regional Leader for Hertfordshire, and eventually parts of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. During my tenure, I built the region from 6 groups to 14.

In 2015, I was invited to take up the full time role of Network Leader.

All of those team roles means that I know what it means to be a team member of 4N. I'm the only Board member who has held every team role. That means I not only know the struggles, but I also know the sweet smell of success!

Things I like…

Quite partial to Sticky Toffee Pudding. Love golf, but don't play enough. I'll drink a pint with you.

John Wayne movies on a Sunday make me smile.

Member Testimonials

  • “Michael. Have you got a rubber?” Brilliant 4Sight this morning. Emotion, humour, value, and a great final point to think about. I do love a 4Sight with great structure... and a POINT! Nice work, partner.
  • Enjoyed your talk yesterday Mike. I got several useful points out of what you said. Most of them sunk in over night. I look forward to trying to do half as good a job as you did. Many thanks Charles
  • Michael works bloody hard for the member's benefit. We are lucky to have a guy who goes more than the extra mile. Keep up the good work and thank you for your inspiration.
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What I do

  • Business networking
  • Team Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Member Support

My Stats

Last online 21st Sep 2019
Member since 27th Sep 2012
Number of testimonials 10
Meetings attended 857

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