What I Offer…

We are based out of the Westgate Pavilion Theatre and Function room. MySMB was formed because of the success Social Media brings to the Westgate Pavilion. Having learnt and applied what I knew then and seeing the results I was getting friends and other business contacts to look at their profiles, pages etc... and getting them to work for their various businesses. I have not worked with any business that has'nt seen an uplift in the work they do. Know I speak to an electrician who doesnt advertise any more because of a contract he picked up on LinkeIn but came from Facebook originally. Truley amazing results when done the right way.

So thats what we do, we make it work, BUT! You have to be part of it as its your business. Like anything it takes time and effort but with our approach and learnings we share the return is much quicker than you think. Had a message from a photographer I have been working with and who I met with earlier in the day. She said was on her way to a biggish client from taking a few steps I had suggested earlier that day. She call me back landing some real, paying work!. Social media is here to stay and I would urge every business person to get on it and start seeing the differrence in your particular business.

I've always pushed and promoted the Westgate Pavilion but it seems to be doing just fine now and this allows me to work on my other business MYSMB. I hope I can help you to get the results you want from your efforts across all social media platforms.

We have many services that are tailored to each client and cover everything from setting the accounts up correctly and doing regular updates to creating the whole online marketing plan including QR codes and blogging. Let us know if we can help.

I look forward to meeting up with you soon, get in touch.


Why I’m good at what I do…

I am 45yrs old with a lovley wife and 3 beautiful daughtrers. I work hard and enjoy my life by living today and being mindful of the future.
Born in Birmingham once I left school and met my then girlfriend I moved to Kent and have been here ever since. Married the girlfriend and have been with my partner for 27yrs now! WOW I know. Wouldnt change this for the world thou as Sonia is the best business partner you could have as she tells me as it is and keeps me on track doing the right things.

I love to dance and competed across the UK with my partner. Is all a bit harder now as the body wont keep up with want the mind wants to do but we do still get the chance to have a good dances from, time to time.

Having taken on the Westgate Pavilion a few years ago it has allowed me to set my roots firmly in Westgate and build a business I can let my girls run if thats what they want to do. They get to perform on satge, we host parties etc... so life is great for all of us.

I have learnt the value of hard work at what you want to acheive and to stay focussed even with all the disstractions from those around you. You will get it in the end if you keep at it.

Thanks for reading my bio and I look forward to the chance of meeting up with soon.

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  • Lee really knows his stuff re social media- especially Facebook and has been a great source of advice and help. Always a great pleasure to meet him at 4N meetings.
  • Lee was a very welcoming, friendly face on my first visit to 4N. His knowledge of social media is fascinating. Most of my business comes via Facebook so I am constantly picking Lee's brains. An absolute asset to 4N :)
  • Lee is a very knowledgeable individual with extensive experience in online social media services. If you need help with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter of any of the other social media products then Lee will be able to create and implement a social media plan for you. Highly recommended
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What I do

  • Audio Video and Social Media Marketing
  • B2B Social Media Network
  • B2C social media
  • copywriting and social media marketing
  • Corporate Social Media Blogging

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Member since 5th Mar 2013
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