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Travelup Reviews: Introducing Iceland

During the past ten years Travelup has provided holidays for thousands of varying customers. Travelup Reviews have also provided information on up and coming new holiday destinations. Iceland is one of these tourist destinations which, although not a boiling hot beach paradise, have become increasingly popular to visit by Travelup customers.

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Iceland is a relatively small and unique country situated in far north within the Arctic Circle. Iceland is the largest island in Europe and one of the most eccentric, all of Iceland’s power is supplied by geothermic energy and Reykjavik, the capital city, has one of the highest standards of living in all Europe.

Through Travelup travellers can explore the range of incredible sights available for visitors to Iceland. Equally awe inspiring as hot beaches, Iceland’s epic glacial landscapes and volcanic scenery is one of the most truly beautiful locations on Earth.

Travellers can find flight information and touring details through the links supplied along Travelup’s guide to Iceland.


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