What I Offer…

I am passionate about helping people to regain their original direction and live the life they want. 


We start out in business and we have an idea of what life will look like.  We imagine more time, more money and that elusive work life balance yet sometimes that isn’t always the way it is.


Do you ever wonder why; wonder what is holding you back?  Do you think it could be you?  It’s rarely because you’re not meeting the right size business or the right people.  It’s because something is holding you back; a belief system, a lack of confidence, low self worth, lack of training in the sales process… there are many reasons.  If you know what it is you can overcome it.  It requires effort and a desire to be the best you can be while always being true to you; always authentic.


I help individuals to:

  • ‚ÄčUnderstand and realise what's stopping them from moving forward
  • Regain their original direction
  • Create desired behaviours and be the best they can be
  • Remain authentic

I work with individuals who know they are meant to achieve more; who have a desire to achieve their definition of success; it’s different for each of us and it is achievable.  

  • Wake up feeling amazing every day
  • Know that life is amazing
  • Enjoy each and every day
  • Enjoy your journey

If you were living your vision, what would you have?


Member Testimonials

  • I've been working with Jo for a few months. Lovely lady and really thoughtful - I had a personal crisis at the start of our sessions and she let me get through that and we started again! She's made an amazing difference to my business so if anyone is thinking about it - just do it! Thanks, Jo!
  • Just had a meeting with Jo and received some really helpful feedback and advice and how to sell myself and services as DB Wedding Cars and Executive Travel. Jo was so understanding and knowledgeable in the area of helping people achieve the best results. Now to put it into practise. Thank you Jo!
  • Jo gave a 4Sight at 4N Nottingham a few weeks ago, and luckily I'd already grabbed a 1to1 with her before she'd swapped all her cards I've had two remote sessions with her now, and I can honestly say she has made a massive difference; one of the other testimonials says 'an inspiration' - I agree
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My Stats

Last online 18th Oct 2018
Member since 24th May 2013
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Meetings attended 281