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In the early stages of debt delinquency, it is important to handle collections efforts with the right balance of fairness, transparency and tact. Early-stage delinquency refers to individuals in arrears up to six months or less, who have not yet had their agreements terminated. At this phase, customers may still possess the ability to make up for missed payments and resume regular payment moving forward. It is often worthwhile to find ways to retain the customer rather than alienating them through aggressive collections tactics.

Wescot Credit Services offers services that streamline this process while maintaining brand reputation, increasing recovery and achieving right solutions for customers. Clients choose to outsource their collections processes to Wescot for this reason, removing the pressure from the corporate client and often resulting in faster debt repayment. With Wescot’s recent expansion, they are now more than ever capable of handling client collections orders.

Among the upgrades that were part of this expansion is a £4 million investment in inbound telephony and outbound dialing technology. This scalable system allows Wescot Credit Services to expand its capacity to nearly three times its current size if needed, adapting to client needs quickly and efficiently to provide them with the best in debt collection services.

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