What I Offer…

 “Coolglass specializes in dealing with issues associated with existing glazing and the environment behind glass such as solar heat gain which causes the overheating of rooms and reducing annoying glare that can make it difficult to read computer screens causing eye strain and creating headaches. We can reduce the suns damage to furnishings or window displays by blocking 99% of all harmful UV radiation also protecting your family, pets or staff from potential skin damage or cancers. By increasing privacy allows you to see out clearly without you or your possessions and expensive equipment being seen. Our winter heat retaining products makes existing glass more thermally efficient at a fraction of the price of new glazing and reduces landfill by extending the life of your existing windows. We can increase glass safety and security by adding an invisible protective layer which increases glass break strength making it more difficult to break and should it break it holds shattered glass in place preventing injury or glass contamination.

Some products can do multiple jobs all at once for less than the price of a blind whilst retaining a clear view out unlike a blind.

 For 21st century glazing enhancements call today….

Why I’m good at what I do…

Orignally from the motortrade spending nearly a decade fixing Fords and BMWs, left the trade and started a Lawn and Landscape Business in 1999 called "A Grass Act" but after about 4 years battling with the English weather i looked at something that would be hindered less by the English climate. In 2004 i started Shady Days I trained to install applied glass coatings or films starting on vehicles working for several local car dealerships and then moving across to commerical and domestic buildings. In 2007 I stopped doing any gardening work as the glass coating work had taken off. In 2007 I also was granted a visa to live in Australia and after the resession had took its hold in 2009 I sold the rights to the Shady Days name and contact details to a local company of simliar type that specialised in car tinting. Unfortunately my now ex wife didn't take to Austalian life and in 2010 we returned. Whilst in Austraila I worked in a Window film business for a short period and gained alot of new skill dealing with some huge expanses of glass and due to a conflict of work ethics I left that company and set up Shady Days Professional Australia. I turned profit within a month as I had taken out all the tools to do the job but as soon as autumn set in the phone stopped ringing. Luckily i was offered a job running the Service Department in Volvo franshise which I loved and still miss that job to this day but if your wife is desparately unhappy you have to act so we left to return home. Luckily I found a similiar postion in a franchised dealer which I will not name and I hated it. The same job discription plus three other peoples jobs too but £10,000 a year less. It nearly gave me a nervous breakdown my god the stress it gave, so we parted after 5 months. With the confidence knocked out of me and a failing marriage I pulled on old contacts and sub contracted to them until another postion for a site foreman appeared looking after 300 acres of landscaping in charge of 14 men. Well I did such a good job they promoted me to After Sales Manager gave me a pay rise and quadrupled my hours so now with increased stress levels and less than the minimum wage I did a "Brad Burton" and through my office keys at my boss and told him where to go!! Right I said another job isn't going to work in this economic climate... I'm setting up again and here I am. After a little hick up with branding I originally set up as Lincolnshire Signs and Solar Control... I thought perfect name I do signs and control the solar energy through glass and I'm in Lincolnshire....  the public saw the word solar and panels are what they thought  of; so after 12 months I rebranded to Coolglass to avoid confusion and Lincolnshire Signs for the signs side because the public did understand that one but I am concentrating on the CoolGlass side as that's where I want to grow the business as there is less competition and I have more enjoyment and satisfaction.

Now in 2014 with confidence growing in the UK business is coming easier not easy but easier and I'm building more and more contacts through networking with 4N and other small independant groups. 

Member Testimonials

  • We recently moved in to offices. The offices are heated by electricity and have windows that face the sun all day. Mark came to see us regarding heat retention and glare reduction. He offered advice and products that met our needs and are well in budget. Professionally and courteously fitted.

What I do

  • Window Film Suppliers and Fitters
  • Made to Measure Window Blinds
  • Internal Solar Shading
  • Glass tinting
  • curtains and blinds

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