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Real and cost effective IT solutions for small business - make your IT work for you rather than against!

IT POSITIVE LTD  Providing I.T. Services to Small Businesses and Home Users

We are a Colchester based company providing decades of IT support experience to the public and small businesses. We have run our own businesses, worked freelance for banks, communications companies, newspapers, as well as general IT support for many hundreds of home users over 30 years.
We can provide you with as small a job as remotely helping you send an email, all the way up to setting up an office server.
We understand that when you need help, you need it as fast as possible – just give us a ring and we will endeavor to start helping you straight away.

Experience has shown that not all small businesses want to commit to a monthly contract, but there are essential maintenance tasks that should be looked at on a regular basis. So we proactively manage them for our clients, we always set up a remote link and ensure the health of their systems. We check their backups, and make sure they stay working as much as is possible.
We know that you don’t want to spend the earth, so we don’t charge it. Typically, a problem will only take an hour or two – and our maintenance could be as low as 1 hour a month.

We have experience in backups, WIFI, business continuity, disaster recovery, support, servers, email, hardware, office, bespoke systems and software – the list is very long. We also offer a place on steering committees, and normally represent you to your clients or suppliers – as your IT department. We are used to answering all the difficult questions that you don’t have the time to go through. We are happy to take on your IT policies and procedures, and can assist in the data protection regulation.


Why I’m good at what I do…

Steve Sims has worked in Information Technology for most of his life, he has worked for major investment banks, like RBS and Dresdner, and has worked for some of the largest telecommunications companies, like WorldCom. He has owned his own business, and has helped many companies achieve a greater level of IT integration for their business. He specialises in being able to communicate complex IT ideas with less literate business users, educating them as to what is possible and what is not. This skill in communication, coupled with his IT experience, lends itself perfectly for the small to medium sized business market where business owners can leverage his skills. His current business concentrates on reactive support, and proactive maintenance of systems, coupling business continuity with disaster recovery concepts to protect business data.

He has run large scale projects within the business continuity and disaster recovery fields for international companies, all the way down to a single laptop backup solution.

Contact him at Sims Solutions Ltd if you want to make sure your business is using IT to its advantage, rather than struggling against it!

Specialities: Cost effective IT for real life SOHO and Small Businesses

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