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Benjamin is the UK's #1 Sales Speaker & Trainer - Bar None!



"His style is nuts! But effective as hell! He changed my entire approach to using the telephone to win new business. I'd stake my reputation on it. Without question the best telesales trainer in the UK."

Brad Burton
UK's #1 Motivational Speaker/MD 4Networking


"He certainly challenges traditional sales thinking and does so in such a way you realise he has a very good point.
This is not the usual nonsense you get from sales motivational speakers and very refreshing so. You learn a lot while being entertained. A challenger sales speaker without doubt."

Adrian Furnham
Professor of Psychology, University College London


"Having heard Benjamin speak at our Canary Wharf office I immediately knew I wanted to invite him back to speak at an event I had been planning which I knew would add value to our customers. 

I would definitely request Benjamin back time and time again."

HSBC Bank Plc
Lucy Wynn
DEPUTY AREA DIRECTOR - West End Business Banking


Why I’m good at what I do…

Benjamin is a no holds barred sales trainer and speaker. He doesn't suffer fools, excuses or blame for failing to sell. He holds up the ugly mirror to sales people and sales management, enabling them to see that there is no such thing as a bad prospect only bad sales people. He points out the uncomforable truth that most people in sales never chose to be there, but found themselves in it. He thinks you're lazy, non-productive, work too hard - not smart, take orders, make excuses and assign blame. Most couldn't sell life jackets to a drowning person. If you can't kill, you can't eat, yet most sales people have handsome basics that make fat useless hunter gatherers, eating burgers at the bosses expense, when they couldn't kill a rat if starving.

How do you know you have these people, simple;

  • Refusal, reluctance or avoidance of prospecting
  • Excuses and blame for non-sales
  • Sales cycles longer than 6 months
  • Quotes, Proposals and pitches that go nowhere
  • Weak pipleline
  • Too many think it overs
  • Inconsistent closing
  • Poor qualifying
  • Talking to the wrong people
  • Stalled or delayed sales
  • Lack of control over the process
  • Discounting

As a result of the above you may also be missing target, working long hours, paying yourself last, can't invest in the business, strugggling to meet expenses, arguing about money, considering redundancies, no longer enjoy the business, exit strategy pushed back or desytroyed - feel like giving up.

  • A great phone conversation and advice via telephone from Benjamin today. Would love to meet him in person - might have to make a road trip South to do it. He knows his stuff and love his no nonsense approach. Thank you once again Benjamin.
  • Challenging and testing - a great actor and good fun to have a session with.
  • What I do

    • UK's 2nd Best Motivational Speaker
    • Sales Trainer
    • S&M Dominatrix (Sales & Marketing)
    • Dance Destructor
    • Repeated failure but learning loads

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