4Networking services checklist

Online Only
4N + 
per month
Passport membership
From £200
for 6 months
Free basic registration
Visit up to two 4N meetings as a visitor
Access to 4N Facebook Community group
Join 4N's 'Members only' Facebook group
Basic online profile
Enhanced online profile
Search online up to 2 members per day
Search online up to 100 members per day
Show in member searches
Show in member searches above Online Only members
At top of member searches
Access advice and tips
Chat online with other members
Give and receive testimonials
Submit Article 4Sights for publication
Place website banner ads
Access ANY 4N meetings
Gain free membership days by Inviting a Friend
Deliver Meeting 4Sights
Deliver "I am the EXPERT" talks online
Become a 4N group team member

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