Where are meetings?

There are 250+ 4Networking groups, in most major towns and cities, each running 2-hour fortnightly meetings.

When are meetings?

Choose from Breakfast (08.00-10.00), Lunch (12.00-14.00) and Evening (18.00-20.00) meetings. 

What do I bring?

You’ll need a £15 cash meeting fee on the day, plenty of business cards… and a big smile!

4 great reasons to give us 2 hours of your time:


It was everyone's first 4N meeting once and we get that, so each group's team do everything to help you to relax and enjoy it. 

Best way to mEET new people

At every 4N meeting, you'll find the perfect blend of networkers: regulars to that group + people using their Passport membership from a wide area + new visitors like you.  

Start with a little conversation 

Every big opportunity starts that way. So, at every 4N meeting you get three 10-minute 1-2-1s with people you choose. This gives you the perfect mechanism to get quality time with the right people.

Meet online connections

There are 27,000+ 4Networking Facebook group members, so use a 4N meeting to hook up with people you've networked with online. If you’re not yet a Facebook group member, join now 

joining at your first meeting

During your first meeting, you'll be given the option to become a Passport member, giving you unlimited access to EVERY meeting in the network. Your first-visit join options are:

  • 12-month Passport + 1 bonus month: £365+VAT
  • 6-month Passport: £200+VAT
  • With either of these options, you'll also receive a FREE copy of the bestselling motivational business book 'Now What', signed by 4Networking founder and author Brad Burton. 

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